POEA - Philippine Overseas Employment Administration Workabroad

POEA is the center for all Philippines jobs and workabroad vacancies for Filipinos and the largest accredited and licensed agency list helping the working Pinoy alongside with OWWA.

Please do like the Facebook page on the side and find the latest announcements about new job openings from approved and accredited placement agency in the Philippines.

We will also be posting the latest schedule of job fair in the Philippines on this website including their respective sponsors and the different local job orders as well as those hiring work for abroad.

You can also check if the agency you are applying for a job is legitimate, legally bound to recruit manpower and duly accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. You can find more tips regarding finding the right employer for POEA jobs.

Check POEA Accredited Agencies - List of Licensed Recruitment Firms in the Philippines

To check if your recruitment agency is duly licensed by the POEA to post both Philippines jobs as well as work abroad available for hiring, please kindly use the information search below. Each of the search engines is labelled by category so be sure you know where and what you are clicking on to reveal the right information and for us to completely help you find the right job fit for your skill or profession.

Search for "ALL" POEA Accredited Recruitment Agencies


Search for "LANDBASED" POEA Accredited Recruitment Agencies


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EPS Korea - Employment Permit System

Information regarding Korea's employment permit system (EPS) and the different EPS-TOPIK applicant results with offer of employment. See PDOS schedule and pre-flight briefing.

Labor Agreements with Different Countries

  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Alberta Canada
  • Bahrain
  • Nurses and Caregivers
  • Manitoba
  • British Columbia
  • Saskatchewan
  • UAE
  • Seafarers (Maritime Workers)

Labor Code of the Philippines with Overseas Workers Employment

The Philippines Labor Code governing overseas employment and working abroad by Filipinos (OFWs).

Canada Recruitment Guidelines

Guidelines for overseas workers looking to get hired and work in Canada.

Job Scams Press Release

A list of revelations and press release by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration regarding the latest job scams being used to OFWs looking to work abroad in different job positions.

This list will include popular phishing emails, email scams of wealth promise and promise of high paying jobs abroad by a family of people loving members for caregivers and nurses and other job positions.

Overseas jobs applicants and OFWs are the prime target and victims of these scammers on their illegal recruitment schemes so to help you avoid getting lured by their trap, know your rights and know what's the latest job offer scam today. Also make sure to verify your documents and hiring agency with the POEA plus make sure that you will be issued a copy of the OEC which again is verifiable with the POEA agency.

If you do not know where their main office is, just go to EDSA cor Ortigas and you will find the biggest building in there with the official logo and name of the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration. For those who are on a skilled work contract to Canada and UK who needs support for getting an account for proof of funds, please visit our page regarding show money loan.

Report Suspected Illegal Recruiters

Yes, you can also report suspected illegal recruiters on this page or by calling the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration hotline telephone numbers by using our Facebook comments and suggestions page found above in the first paragraph or use the comment form to let the proper authorities know. In the meantime, you can also check our post on the latest job hiring.


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