Philippines Agriculture - Application of Technology Organic Farming Container Gardening and Propagation

Philippines agriculture technology in uniquely diverse in our country. It is rich in information for growing and taking care of different tropical vegetables and fruit trees having one of the most ideal tropical climate nature.

With this present in our land, propagation and growing/farming in the Philippines has become a prime source of income and livelihood for many Filipinos. Agriculture, aquaculture, vermiculture, growing technologies and self sustainability all contribute to the 7100 islands of pure agricultural land history.

And if you want to know more about Philippines agriculture, we have the DA and BAR (Bureau of Agrarian Reform) to ask or visit.

The Philippines, a major site for ideal explorations with rich soil to plant varieties of plants that no one can imagine.

Wow! we're not even graduates of a relevant course and no experience for such jobs.

Produce Organic Eat Raw Vegetables

Our family, Ana, TJ and me, Sam, we take part in all this and we're glad we do it with less of the high end technology by following the teachings of organic agriculture, farming and growing by natural ways of our regular daily vegetables and soon, fruit trees. We use vermicast in our soil while the products we will produce will be exclusively for family consumption.

In case you didn't know and you came to this page, the 3 of us are all partly raw vegetable eaters and our safe produce is what we enjoy most, eating on a daily basis.

What We Grow in Our Organic Garden

We'll be providing this page our own AVP video of how we do it in aid of Philippines agriculture and call to save the earth. Today, we are growing by container gardening, something you can't find in agriculture magazines out there. We have tomato, pechay, pepper, eggplant, okra, bitter gourd, mustard, sweet potato, pandan, lemongrass, alugbati, squash and we now look forward to beekeeping and honeybee culture and production - all natural and organic.

Backyard Farming and Philippines Agriculture Tools and Products

Department of Agriculture Branches / Offices

The Department of Agriculture website can be found here - For any concerns regarding agriculture in the Philippines, this is the governing agency that handles it. The Bureau of Agrarian Reform is its arm for development and involvement in agriculture all over the land.

Agriculture Business Opportunities for Earning

In the field of Philippines agriculture, there are unimaginable possibilities. One of which is what the family is trying to come up with a few weeks now. We are trying to see if there is market for selling organic high yield organic vegetable seeds we get from the Bureau of Plant Industry.

I have personally visited some honey farm near manila and is trying to see how much we can sell from their supply of organic and all natural honey and other honeybee products. These may include beekeeping tools and materials to beeswax, beehive frames and box, honey, honey vinegar, honeycomb and more. These products will be sold at relatively cheap price here at My Pilipinas.Com because we get it straight and direct from cooperatives, suppliers and independent sellers who don't pay for stalls and adds up to their extra cost on products for consumers.

It is where you can find us selling agriculture products. If you are lucky, you might be up to buy some of our excess organic vegetable produce at lower price than what you can find in SM groceries where you are not 100% sure if they are organic and all natural. With us, you'll be the one to pick your choice of produce from the small backyard organic garden we have in Caloocan City.

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Philippines Culture and Raising Technology Reviewed

Philippines Agriculture Governing Agencies

To completely and fully help define what is agriculture? You have to understand its natural resources agencies and technology related parties especially if you are Pinoy. Here are some agencies in the Philippines that help qualified and deserving farmers, individuals and entities in the agricultural land development as you may find with them answers to some questions our family wasn't able to address here from concerns in biotechnology, farming crops, tolls for agriculture, waste management, jobs, machinery, provincial farming cooperatives, policies and common problems in the agriculture sector. If you are a farmer by blood, you might this resource handy and useful so please read on!

Vermicast, Vermiculture and African Nightcrawler Worm Farming for Organic Fertilizer

Our family is a good example that indeed, we can grow plants and vegetable garden in our own organic farming methods and Philippines agriculture self-sustainablity processes. We have been using vermicast in all our soil conditioning and fertilization naturally and organically. This vermicast is a healthy compost produced from farming ANC or African Nightcrawler worms.

The worm castings or poop were collected to come up with a high-moisture-retaining soil that is best for planting and farming both small container gardening, backyard gardening and big lot farming in the Philippines. It is also being practiced now around the world and our family is one glad user of vermicast in our small vegetable garden at home in Caloocan City.


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