Organic Farming - Agriculture, Horticulture and Backyard & Container Gardening Guide in the Philippines

Organic farming and Philippines agriculture is currently slowly developing. Many big and small farmers would still prefer to grow vegetable and fruit crops that yield big amounts of produce in a harvest with the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic fertilizer is usually set aside.

In our family, we are currently going through hard times trying to put up and finance a small-scale backyard garden horticulture in our small organic farm garden and agriculture system for sustainable development contribution in our own small way. In probably 1 year or 2, we are looking forward to have our own agribusiness somewhere in Baguio City where we dream of buying our Baguio house and farm lot.

We do container gardening for now. The tomatoes are having a hard time trying to cope up with some leaf curling disease including white aphids infestation we don't have a solution to yet. We've harvested a lot of pechay greens and I ate most of them raw with olive oil and organic honey vinegar. Updates will be posted soon including pictures so do watch out for that by subscribing to our updates via RSS in the sidebar.

Backyard Gardening Family Photos and Organic Farming Set Up

Our family had our own set up of a small backyard farm and container gardening space. We do organic farming in them and use vermicast as a medium for our soil mixture. We are looking forward to mix some hay on top of our soil in the next season and put either a horse manure compost or a cow manure compost.

My father is planning to get from the large Cavite farms. He was able to speak with some local folks who told him to bring in somebody to get the dried carabao and cow poop (manure) from the rice fields and that he can get it for free. He'll just have to ask for permission to collect some.

Container Gardening - Tomato, Pechay, Eggplant, Mustasa and Bell Pepper Growing in Metro Manila (Photos and Video)

Our family lives in Caloocan where the flood during rainy season from May to December is knee deep but after December, we planted some seedlings from my Lola Josie and Lolo Justin in Cavite using old plastic containers and small plastic pots as well as nursery plant growing plastic bags.

In our container gardening table, we grow and follow organic principles in farming using seed from tomato, pechay, eggplant, mustasa and bell pepper. We will post some pictures and if lucky, a video of the set up so you can see what it looks like or have an idea on how to set up a small backyard container gardening and do organic farming even if you only have a small space in your community.

Today, we were able to transfer using old broken and cracked plastic pail, our organic lemongrass and to the soil, our pandan, alugbati, pol sitaw (sitao) and a popular herb called cat's whiskers which we use as tea in mornings and afternoon adding some finely grated garlic bulb for liver and rheumatism treatment as well as kidney cleansing. Cat's whiskers is said to have diuretic properties that help aid kidney cleansing. We don't use chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers in all our plants and vegetable garden so our produce is absolutely and 100 % organic and all natural.

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