Vermicast - Sale 100% Pure ANC Worm Castings for Soil Fertilizer in Manila, Philippines

We have mentioned about vermicast and its uses for our family small backyard and container vegetable garden in Caloocan City, Manila, Philippines.

You can find more details about this in our Philippines Agriculture and organic farming page.

If you are looking to buy 100% organic soil conditioner and fertilizer, our family offers selling it at the cheapest price available in Manila as listed below.

Price and Conditions for Buying

Vermicast - Php 15.00 per kilo retail basis - pick up only in our home in Caloocan (max order is set at 10 kilos plastic bag)

Vermicast - Wholesale price is set at Php 12.00 per kilo - pick up only in Pasay Taft Buendia DLTB bus terminal (min order of 2 sacks 40 kilo each)

African Nightcrawlers (ANC) retail price is set at Php 450.00 per kilo - pick up only in Caloocan house (minimum order of 3 kilos)

African Nightcrawlers (ANC) wholesale price is set at Php 400.00 per kilo -

Transaction of Payment Terms

We maintain this family small business only so please don't haggle our price because at BPI (Bureau of Plant Industry), the price we last know of their vermicast is Php 25.00 per kilo.

Our vermicast and ANC worms are transported from Laguna. This means extra transportation cost for us before we hand it over to you. Please don't deposit or pay if you are not 100% sure you want to buy our products. Due to this and to avoid conflicts, we have terms listed below. All these terms are absolute and non-negotiable but is subject to change without prior notice so please check it from time to time. It is your duty and obligation to do so as serious buyers.

  1. Payment terms may be agreed upon but we absolutely accept orders anytime of the day including middleman sellers for our vermicast and ANC worms.
  2. You may pay via bank (ask for our account either via email or text) (use our contact details below) for bulk or wholesale orders.
  3. It is required to pay 25% deposit of your purchase for wholesale, retail or bulk orders for online purchase.
  4. You may pay cash on pick up at our home for a minimum of 1 kilo order for our vermicast and 3 kilos min for our ANC worms.
  5. Another payment mode we accept is via Paypal (ask for our Paypal account via txt or email) (use our contact details below)
  6. For payments via bank or Paypal, you MUST notify us via txt ONLY if you already made payment to confirm time and date of pick up or delivery of your purchase. Failure to do so will not hold us liable for any delays on delivery or pick up but we guarantee that you will get your product on the 2nd day after notification.
  7. Pick up and deliveries are made 2 days after deposit or payment of your purchase or as agreed upon.
  8. All orders will be confirmed via txt or call by us. Failure to reply (if via txt) or answer (if via call) means order cancelled. Deposits will be returned only for pick up in our home garden in Caloocan.
  9. We absolutely and 100% sure don't allow cancellation of orders after deposit or payment has been made. In this case, you either have to pay in full or deposit will be forfeited.

Again, this is a guaranteed pure organic and all natural worm compost we are selling to help us maintain this website. You can head to our Online Store page to buy it or directly contact us using the details below.

Freebies with your Purchase of ANC or Worm Castings

We give FREE information on how to use best, our vermicast and ANC for whatever reason you may need it for like backyard gardening or organic farming starters.

If you are lucky, you might even get FREE organic vegetables or taste our organic veggie salad and naturally fermented honey vinegar or 100% pure honey as a gift from our family and token of trust and thanks for buying, patronizing and using our products to contribute to a clean, green and self-sustainability-centered environment.

ANC Facts and Vermicast Production (Vermiculture) in the Philippines

There are certain facts about African Nightcrawler worms (ANC) and we cannot rule out these figures if we are to understand how to produce quality organic fertilizer from the worm castings we collect.  Understanding the creatures that produce vermi cast is must do for vermiculture in the Philippines to improve and get popularized.

In the end, it will help contribute to self-sustainability, organic farming and safe production of food crops and vegetables both in our backyard garden in Metro Manila and in the surrounding provinces and big farms. Allow us to give some light to the love of our life which is backyard / container gardening and organic farming.

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