About Us - MyPilipinas.Com and Our Family

Knowing more about us is a must. MyPilipinas.Com is our family's pride in telling a story about Philippines, our native land, home to diverse cultural complications and beautiful people.

It is a mini diary that is endless, developed because of the love of our country and one another. 3 people are behind this website - Sam (my tatay), Ana (my nanay) and me for what people call as TJ (shortened name under the person's real name initials reversed - Janne Therese).

I love myself, I love my country and I love my family. They are my inspiration and this website is our alter ego. It serves as a reflection of what we know about Philippines and the different realities that lie behind the 3 stars and a sun (by Francis Magalona).

This website is built for all, built to last and made out of the desire to give free information not just for Pinoys (Filipinos) but also for those who would rather spend some time trying to figure out what abyss lies in the land of the rising sun. What diversity of culture we have whilst united as one in EDSA revolution. Not regionalistic but country-loving. Welcoming the world, welcoming you, our visitor...

Mabuhay!!! - Sam, Ana and TJ (The Casuncad Family)

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