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As a family, the 3 of us strongly believe that health wellness is an investment that Pinoys have to take serious. It is something more than taking care of your car or the maintenance of your material property like a house. We also believe in holistic healing approach and we regularly take executive checkup to see to it that our health is not compromised over everyday stress and living standards in Metro Manila. We keep close watch of our weight and regularly exercise, observe and follow strict diet program to keep fit and healthy.

In short, we are a family of social and reproductive health-conscious people and we take it seriously. My Tatay Sam regularly visits his blind massage therapist in Isetann Recto while me and Nanay have stopped using deodorants which from recent news was lately pointed and being blamed to be the number one cause of breast cancer. This is just our small start and we plan in doing more preventive health practice as we all grow old and healthy together as a family.

This is our page about health and wellness and we dedicate this to all Filipinos who believe in our call for a better health benefit program to all Pinoys by the Philippine government. It's about time the authorities take action. We will let them know about it through this page as well as help let our kababayans know that there is always a cheaper approach to attaining good health.

Good Health Wellness Practice at Home

If you take good health seriously, then you must practice them first at home. It is our basic startup point to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Home is where people and others in the neighborhood see what and why you are healthy as a family. This is where social and moral responsibility of being healthy starts and therefore, it is where we should start practicing all things that contribute to good health as a family. And since the family is basic institution of the society, then let it also be the best place to start and healthy regimen.

As a family in one to health wellness, we make sure to have simple programs of exercise like Yoga. We have a basic simple style of keeping fit and loose weight by drinking and juicing vegetable and fresh fruits combined. We follow a recipe that makes sure of our health without compromising the delicious tasting food available in the market and groceries and we make sure to read the labels and not believe in everything written on label while using honest good feeling judgement.

Health wellness is truly an investment for our family and we look forward to having you welcome to the club. Let's start as we reveal some of our secrets to good health wellness and stress-free living.

Diet and Weight Loss - Vegetable Juice and Food Recipes

Juicing vegetables has recently become part of the family's health wellness regimen and perhaps one of the best we have encountered and done at home. Since we all tasted what beneficial effects to our body, drinking fresh vegetable juice does, we make sure that once a week, we have bitter melon (ampalaya), cucumber, celery, jincama, red beets, apple, lemon and other fresh veggies from the backyard vegetable garden added to our body system. It helps us remove toxins from the body out of eating unhealthy food which have accumulated over the years.

Little by little, we are investing in good health wellness practice and the three of us look forward to be healthier each year while losing weight unknowingly. Nanay already lost 10 pounds while Tatay with his 5 pound less body in just a few months. No pressure, no stress drinking. Just drink as you wish and like - fresh vegetable and fruit juice combined.

Relaxation Through Exercise Yoga Acupuncture Massage and More

It is of great importance to relax the body and mind not jut after a stressful event in life or exposure of the body to extreme activities. Do this on a regular basis and you'll be surprised at the effects of exercise and massage therapy to your overall outlook in life and what it can do to help you stay and look younger and in your prime. A weekly blind massage service is what my Tatay Sam does. He also do 12-step yoga when he has time to balance out the health wellness portion of his life with work. On Saturdays once a month, he visits a friend acupunturist in Quezon Avenue.

Natural and Holistic Healing Approach

Healing Galing and Edinell Calvario, Doc Tam Mateo and all natural medicine approach is what we strongly believe in taking the twist in the health wellness condition of Filipinos. Holistic healing is the new and real alternative medicine that Pinoys need. It is the cheaper option and most of the time, the right choice in many cases of incurable health conditions. If you are out of budget and need to try something else, go natural, go nourish your body and you'll be surprised at what you can achieve out of a holistic healing approach from food to take and avoid to alternative natural medicines to drink to a healthy living.

Natural Pain Remedies, Cures and Other Health Alternatives to Western Medicine

Since my Tatay Sam was diagnosed to have neck pain and cervical spondylosis, he's been cautious about health. It turned out not to be too late as he is slowly but surely healing of his illness and believe it or not, it just takes the right nutrition to cure yourself using natural ways. It is not even an alternative medicine nor a natural pain remedy. It is simply nourishment of the body by eating the right food. Allow us to take you to a cure and not a remedy with healthy practice in eating and drinking the right stuff at home.

Go Organic Eat Healthy Food - Fresh Safe Vegetables in Container and Backyard Garden

We have our own family set up for organic gardening. Our backyard and container garden at home is where we get fresh, safe and healthy vegetables and food for the day. Let us take you to a tour as we reveal part of our secret to good health at home using a simple self-sustainable backyard farming system.

In our house, we don't run out of organic, all natural, pure and raw bee honey. 1-2 table spoons of it before going to bed and early as soon as we wake in the morning without any food yet in the stomach helps us revitalize and keep alive and full of vigor the whole day. It has become part of the health wellness investment of the family. We buy our raw and pure honey from Batangas farms.

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation - PhilHealth

PhilHealth is the Philippine government agency that caters to helping Filipinos and the country to move on with the current bad health insurance service to our kababayans. PhilHealth helps make sure that this part of the service is given to Filipinos at its best.

Popular Health Programs, Naturopathic Practitioners, Alternative Holistic Healing and Natural and Herbal Medicine Users in the Philippines

Natural healing or the art of using medicine, cures and treatment, the natural way in a holistic approach is fast becoming a mainstream in the Philippines. In line to our family believing in this system of healing and treatment, we are enlisting personalities in the field of naturopathic practice, holistic healing, herbal medicines and natural healing.

Taking time to search the hero doctors behind cheaper options for treatment, we have chosen to feature some of the prominent names in the country. Here they are:

Dr. Tam Mateo - He has been featured in numerous ABS-CBN programs and videos over in with his popular use of vegan diet to treat different health problems in a unique approach using vegetable recipes and food to help aid nutrition deficiency which Dr. Tam believes is a major concern in many health deficiency in the Philippines.

Dr. Elizabeth Micaller - Head of Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS).

Dr Rosario R. Austria - A fellow in Endocrinology-Diabetes at University of Alabama in Birmingham, she has been practicing the use of natural medicine and nutraceutical drugs in the Philippines since 1990's in the Philippines. She earned her medical degree at the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital, Manila. (source:

Dr. Teresa Valeros - A naturopathic doctor and a practitioner and believer in the use or natural ways and medicines to aid whole body detoxification through methods. These methods of natural and holistic healing includes diet modification, supplements and re-nutrition of the body and colon irrigation.

Dr. Edinell Calvario - One of the founders of the popular hit health program in TV 5 for naturopathy and natural holistic healing, Healing Galing with Nestor Amistad Tan. You can find their office in Mindanao Avenue cor Quirino Highway.


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