Bulacan Wave Resort Swimming Pools

There are only a few Bulacan wave resort with gigantic wave pool - infinity swimming pool that produce artificial waves when activated. Our family have been to one of them and that is Amana resort in Bulacan. Just to tip you off although we are not sure if all wave pool resorts do the same or follow the same system just to probably conserve on electricity. Amana resort operates their wave pool in a time schedule. In the time we've spend there, we've personally experienced 2x the fun trying to combat the strong waves produced articially inside a very big pool.

The time schedules from our experience is every 2 hours. Whenever that schedule comes, everybody else is eager to be inside the swimming pool with shallow water on the one end and deeper on the other. The waves are really strong as in it can take you offbalance if you don't have enough feet stability in the cement. Yes, the pool uses a cement only painted probably with something like what an amusement store in Toms World used to look like. Didn't like the pool but I love the waves trying to overthrow me and catch me offbalance. It's fun and clogged on the swimming pool.

So I won't spoil the fun anymore. Here is the shortlist of Bulacan wave resort pool.

  • Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark Resort - San Nicolas, Bulacan
  • Amana Waterpark Resort - Pandi Bulacan
  • 8 Waves Waterpark - DRT Highway, Ulingao, San Rafael
  • Villa Concepcion Wet & Wild Waves - Pandi
  • DJ Paradise Resort & Hotel - Malolos, Bulacan

For resort rates, accommodation, reservation, resort policies with food and parking and allowed swimming attire as well as entrance fees, amenities and photos, please visit the particular link to the resort of your interest or see our list of Bulacan resorts for more information and choices.

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