8 Waves Waterpark Resort & Hotel in San Rafael Bulacan

8 Waves Resort is a swimming pool resort in Bulacan, designed with artificial infinity waves.

It is located in San Rafael and is very easy to find if you want to know how to get there using our map.

Resort owner? Have your place listed. Send us a request and invite us to have your nice venue reviewed with photos and video of our family.

We have a map of the resort below as well as other relevant information you might need about this hotel and resort in Bulacan area.

Part of our listing includes resort amenities, pictures, cottage and room rates for both single and double occupancy, promos (if there is any latest), how to avail of cheap rates, if food and drinks are allowed including resort rules in swimming attire and more.

Resorts in Bulacan Per Municipality

Below is a list of Bulacan resorts based on a per municipality. We will also be updating this post by featuring which among these resorts offer hot spring options to customers and visitors / patrons as well as categorizing them whether for public or private use swimming pools only.

Private Pools

Public Pools

  • Calumpit
  • Plaridel
  • Pandi
  • Norzagaray
  • Guiguinto
  • Malolos
  • Santa Maria
  • San Jose Del Monte

Hot Springs

  • Hagonoy
  • Paombong
  • Balagtas
  • Bocaue
  • Bulacan
  • Meycauayan
  • Obando
  • Marilao

Resort Accommodation, Rates, Parking, Amenities, Entrance Fee, Dining, Opening & Closing Schedule and Latest Promos

Resort Opening and Closing Schedule

  • Open Daily Including Holidays
  • 9:00am-6:00pm (day swimming)
  • 6:30pm-12:00mn (night swimming)

Night swimming options are entertained at the resort for both kids / children and adult alike. They have competitive and affordable rates for these choices. Visit their official website for more information.

A. Resort Rates (Day Swimming)

  • ADULT - P250.00
  • CHILD (4ft. & below) - P200.00
  • SENIOR (w/ ID) - P200.00

B. Resort Rates (Night Swimming)

  • ADULT P150.00 (Mon-Thur) / P250 (Fri-Sun)
  • CHILD (4ft. & below) P100.00 (Mon-Thur) / P200 (Fri-Sun)
  • SENIOR (w/ ID) P100.00 (Mon-Thur) / P200 (Fri-Sun)

C. Cottage Rates

  • 18 persons P800.00
  • 13 persons P600.00

Bamboo Hut Rates

  1. 45 persons P1,500.00
  2. 22 persons P900.00
  3. 19 persons P800.00
  4. 12 persons P600.00
  5. 12 persons P500.00
  6. 12 persons P400.00
  7. 12 persons P300.00

Function Room Fees and Rates

  1. 50 persons F Rm1 P4,500.00
  2. 50 persons F Rm2 P4,500.00
  3. 50 persons F Rm3 P4,500.00
  4. 50 persons F Rm4 P4,500.00
  5. 200 persons F Rm1-4 (combined) P14,000.00

Billiard Pool Rent (Per Hour Basis)

  1. P 120.00 (regular season)
  2. P120.00 / hr (peak season)

Swimming Attire Rules

  • Male: trunks / cycling shorts or garterized shorts above the knee
    no shirts allowed
  • Female: bathing suits / cycling shorts/ garterized shorts above the knee
    sleeveless or sando shirts only

Please note that foods is now allowed inside the resort while drinks and alcoholic beverages may not be brought inside the resort. Please call their hotline telephone number regarding this matter as all resort details are subject to change without prior notice anytime.

T-shirts, maong shorts, basketball shorts and denim are not allowed inside the pool.

Resort Contact Details

  1. Resort Location Address: D.R.T. Highway, Ulingao, San Rafael, Bulacan, Philippines;
  2. Zip Code: 3008
  3. Phone     (+63) (44) 766-5268 / 766-5936
  4. Telefax     (+63) (44) 766-5272
  5. Email     info@8waveswaterpark.com.ph / eight_waveswaterpark@yahoo.com
  6. Manila Line:     (02) 299-8234
  7. Manila Telefax:     (02) 742- 0063
  8. Official Website: http://www.8waveswaterpark.com.ph/
  9. Facebook Page: http://tl-ph.facebook.com/pages/8-waves-waterpark-hotel/141885186769


Monday-Thursday-No waves & bubbles

Other 8 Waves Resort Amenities:

  1. Waves pool
  2. Bubble pool
  3. Mini Olympic pool
  4. Kiddie pool with noah's ark
  5. Safari pool with slides
  6. Pancake House
  7. Neptune's Diner
  8. Clinic
  9. Ambulance
  10. Cottages

8 Waves Resort Map and How to Get There Guide via Commute

Here is a guide using Google Maps Philippines if you want to know how to get to 8 Waves Hotel and Resort in San Rafael, Bulacan. This guide is applicable to both a commute option and if you have your own car to travel all the way from Metro Manila.

We hope that with the information we have provided above, you may be able to make your own review and comparison of other wave pool resorts in Bulacan in the likes of Amana Waterpark, Cool Waves, 12 Waves (Tierrra Fontana), Dream Wave, 13 Waves and more.

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