Go Pro Camera Review - Guide on Latest Hero 5 Action Cam Troubles, Where to Buy it Cheap, Actual Owner Experiences and Troubleshooting Guide

Hero 5, the latest release of Go Pro camera is out and many have searched online reviews about the great product. Our family got excited to buy it but we don't have any idea where to get it cheap and authentic. I understand there have been buzz around the web that imitations are being sold at a cheaper price but is not worth it.

We need to find local suppliers and since we are frequent travelers here in the Philippines, we decided to go search for blog reviews and product reviews from trusted online sellers and authorized / unauthorized distributors. We found quite a lot of actual people experiences from out of thousands of actual buyers and owners of the Hero 5 Go Pro camera. In fact, I was surprised that there is a release of the most-wanted drone at a very cheap price. I wanted to buy this one too if my budget covers it. I will be using it with our mountaineering escapades to take shots of those hard-to-reach places and angles on earth in our travel spots in the Philippines.

Latest Hero 5 GoPro Camera with Speakers

Go Pro Camera Promo Price, Discount Offer and Cheaper Options for Accessories and SD Card Memory

There were promos, discounts and offers but nothing compares to what we found in Lazada.Com.Ph, one of the local distributors for the new GoPro 5 product here in the Philippines. As usual, we have to compare the price direct from the official GoPro website and I was surprised to find out we can actually get it cheaper. The action cam price from the official Go Pro website is $399.99 which when we convert to Philippine peso equates to Php 20,500 but we were lucky we know our way in finding cheap options. We found a discounted price in Lazada Philippines with free delivery included at a very competitive / reasonable promo discounted price of only Php 18,000 which is cheaper and saved us Php 2,500.

This savings is enough to buy us a whooping 64GB SanDisk Extreme SD card memory which costs more than Php 3,000 at the official website of Go Pro camera but is actually just Php 2,200 at the cheapest discounted price yet again in Lazada.

See our comparison below which includes some of the Hero 5 accessories (not exact pricing). Watch out for the upcoming release of the new and latest GoPro Hero 6 camera soon. It was out in buzz that this release will happen later in 2017 which happens to be this year.

Go Pro Price in Lazada Philippines

Php 18,000 (saves Php 2,500)

Php 2,200 (saves Php 800)

Php 70,000 (not sure what is included)

Helmet / Headband / Handle Mount or Hand Grip

Php 370 (replacement selfie stick)

Go Pro Price in Official Website

Php 20,500

Php 3,000

Php 41,000

Helmet / Headband / Handle Mount or Selfie Stick

Php 1,500 (floating hand grip)

Accessories for Go Pro Camera - Hero 5 Replacement Parts and Karma Drone Pricing

Where else can you see almost unlimited options for buying replacement parts and accessories for your new version of Hero 5 GoPro action cam? Lazada as usual. While many still don't have the credit card to use in buying online, the store is definitely worth the check especially if you want to compare prices for your accessories before buying.

Take for example what we have listed above. You can see a big difference in prices for accessories except for the Karma drone which happened to be a lot cheaper at the official website of GoPro surprisingly. There must be some other inclusions with this drone in Lazada. I was not able to check it. This include batteries, handle mount, head mount, sd card, grip, speaker, Karma drone etc.

There are other options of course but I feel they will all be incomparable to the price from Lazada. You can try to visit Amazon and eBay or the local classifieds - olx.ph. It's a little bit cheaper in eBay than in Amazon but it depends on the package inclusion. Just click on the links and you'll immediately see and compare prices of the Go Pro camera from authority distributors online. Note that mall prices can range from Php20,000 - Php 22,000 based from online reviews and my own experience so don't bother making a canvass in popular malls in Manila. Never buy in Divisoria Mall or Quiapo Hidalgo. I was able to get a repaired camera item once and decided not to buy it cheap in the area. Most items there are imitation versions and I'm not sure if they serve GoPro there.

Common Go Pro Camera Troubles and Repair Guide

While reading hundreds upon hundreds of online reviews and blogs about the new release of Hero action camera, I found out that there were some of the most common problems / troubles for the Hero 5 release last year, 2016. I have itemized them below including troubleshooting guide and repair options for owners of this cool gadget.

  • Unresponsive touch screen feature - try to download and upgrade your installation to latest firmware & buying a supported microSD card SanDisk is the recommended according to the official website.
  • Loading of pictures and shutter speed takes too long to respond - try deleting some pictures and free up extra memory.
  • Low battery indication even if newly charged - you might be using replacement or fake battery or battery is already worn out. Try using original version to buy from official website. Never overcharge.
  • Water gets in the LCD area - Don't use, make sure to dry up areas as you can reach or better yet, let the service center guys do it for you. Somebody from the forums said that the unit you bought might be a fake or an imitation and not the actual original one. Buy only from authorized distributors as much as possible.
  • Difficulty for shooting or using at night or in low light areas - Make sure if there is a setting for night vision to turn it on. Extreme dark may cause inability to take pictures or video so be sure to have at least a little light during these times.

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