Tagaytay Resorts Hotel Villa Inn and Event Venue List

Our family's collection of Tagaytay resorts, hotels, inns and restaurants will definitely include choices for cheap accommodation. We have a guide map to places so you know how to get there and the different latest offers and promos you can enjoy your stay to the cool highlands during summer and weekend vacation.

Resort owner? Have your place listed. Send us a request and invite us to have your nice venue reviewed with photos and video of our family.

Tagaytay is just a couple of hours drive from Metro Manila and the place had countless cozy romantic restaurants catering to Manilenyos and Manilenyas looking for cold romantic nights to spend over more than Manila venues. And if you think that eat all you can restaurants are a great way to dine in the sky or have your dream wedding in the sky venue, wait till you get mesmerized by the view overlooking Taal Lake and its perfect cone-shaped Taal Volcano.

Tagaytay is absolutely the best place to come during summer when it's hot in the metro. Apart from these exciting places, the pine city is host to the coconut palace created and made during the Marcos regime plus add to that the countless Tagaytay resorts, garden wedding venues can be found excitingly overlooking the beautiful lake with cold breeze comparable to what the Northern Philippines had in Baguio. Hidden from the maddening crowd and an escape to silent sanctuary of butterflies you never even imagined existed.

The place had so many wedding venues around with a favorable climate to all sorts of flowers and mist morning dew in the morning, you'd surely enjoy celebrating any occasion, wedding, anniversary, debut party and birthdays especially if you plan on celebrating your 18th birthday there.

Resort Hotels Found in Tagaytay City

  • Casa De Carlo
    Las Brisas de Tagaytay Mendez crossing west Tagaytay City
    Tagaytay City, Philippines
  • Estancia Resort Hotel
    Zone 2 Brgy. San Jose Tagaytay City
    Tagaytay City, Philippines
    DOT Accreditation: AAA
  • Grand Quartier Resort Suites
    Crosswinds, Brgy. Iruhin Central Calamba Road Tagaytay City
    Tagaytay City, Philippines
  • Nurture Tropical Spa & Cafe
    Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West Tagaytay City
    Tagaytay City, Philippines
  • Sonya's Garden
    Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso Cavite
    Tagaytay City, Philippines
  • The Inn At Cliffhouse Tagaytay
    Km. 58 Aquinaldo Highway, Maharlika East Tagaytay City
    Tagaytay City, Philippines
  • T House Tagaytay
  • DM Residente Resorts
  • Pura Vida Tagaytay
  • Tagaytay Econo Inn
  • Bali Village Hotel and Kubo Spa
  • Crosswinds Resort Suites
  • Balai Taal
  • Canyon Woods Resort
  • Gratchi's Getaway
  • Olivia's Garden Private Resort
  • Tagaytay Garden Resort
  • Anya Resort Residences Sanctuary
  • PiƱa Colina Resort
  • Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay
  • Alfonso Hotel Farm and Resort
  • Tagaytay Wingate Manor
  • Discovery Country Suites
  • Taal Vista Hotel
  • Nurture Spa Village
  • Hotel Dominique
  • The Lake Hotel Tagaytay
  • Summit Ridge Hotel
  • View Park Hotel
  • Fat Bill's Bed and Breakfast
  • Tagaytay Country Hotel
  • One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites
  • Emiramona Garden Hotel
  • Days Hotel Tagaytay
  • 8 Suites by Fat Jimmy
  • Tagaytay Econo Inn
  • Residence Inn Tagaytay Resorts
  • Sunrise Holiday Mansions Hotel
  • Don Joaquin Private Resort
  • Chateau Royale Resorts
  • Oyster Forest Life Resort Tagaytay
  • Carrillo Garden Resort
  • Villa Isla Resort
  • The Lincoln Place
  • Clearwater Resort
  • Casa Fernando Tagaytay Resort
  • Makulay Resort
  • Grand Quartier Resort Suites
  • Hidden Vib's Resort
  • Yellow Bell Tagaytay
  • Casa de Miguelitos
  • QUIBAEL RESORT Private House with Pool
  • Nature's Cradle Farm Resort
  • Memory Lane Tagaytay
  • The Villa Hotel
  • Camp Pugad
  • Keni Po
  • Splendido Tagaytay
  • CT Guesthouse
  • Rockfort Lake Resort
  • E Farm Tagaytay
  • Terra Hills Resort
  • Villa Agustin Resort
  • Tessville Tagaytay
  • Casablanca Private Resort
  • Tides Grill & Bistro
  • Wind Residences Tagaytay by SM Dev't Corp.
  • Knuckles Bar and Grill
  • Paradizoo Tagaytay
  • Tagaytay Haven Hotel Mendez
  • Tierra Salva Lake View Resort
  • Sylvinas Garden Resort
  • Coco's Vacation Place
  • Enchante Farm and Resort
  • Vickys Farm House And Resort
  • Dencio's Tagaytay - Bar & Grill
  • Kon-Tiki Bar and Restaurant
  • Tagaytay Las Ventanas
  • Silang Forest Life Resort
  • Casa De Carlo Tagaytay
  • Manos Hellenic Greek Taverna
  • Luniaire Potter's Ridge
  • Fantasy World Tagaytay
  • Bag of Beans Tagaytay
  • Chapel On The Hill
  • Marcia Adams Tagaytay
  • Meteora Tagaytay
  • Vanilla Suites
  • Antonio's Tagaytay
  • 8 Suites Tagaytay

Tagaytay Wedding Venues List - Garden Venue and Hotel Restaurant in One

While many hotels and Tagaytay resorts line up in the ridges, wedding venues and reception restaurants are plenty to choose from in this cold place. It has also become home to many foreigners from other countries who are looking for a place to retire. But before that, let us show you what beautiful wedding events place are available for your special matrimonial ceremony. Surprisingly yet favorable, this highland place is also location for the most ideal weather and good fresh food fit for the many drug abuse rehabilitation centers in the Philippines for easy recovery of patients. For your stay, see a list here - http://www.stayintagaytay.com/.

Please note that you can ask for a free wedding venue tour from any of these exotic and beautiful events places. Just call their respective hotlines or contact telephone numbers which you can see by visiting the respective links listed below. Otherwise, if you hired or rented a wedding event coordinator, ask them to do so for you and take pictures and video so you can see it without coming over. As a tip though, you have to let your caterer see the place for proper positioning of food and beverages for your event.

  1. HillCreek Gardens
  2. Hardin ni Maria
  3. Clear Water Resthouse
  4. Moon Garden
  5. Casablanca Private Mansion Tagaytay
  6. Angel Fields
  7. Colossian Gardens
  8. Balai Taal
  9. Pacific Grove Clubhouse
  10. Tagaytay Crosswinds
  11. Le Jardin Rosella Events Place
  12. Two Gardens
  13. Yellow Coco Gardens
  14. Rosemont Gardens
  15. Tagaytay Ridge Garden

See more options here - http://www.bridalbook.ph/wedding-articles/4-reception-venues-in-tagaytay or visit the official website of Towns Delight Caterer. They have more places with pictures you can take a look at there.

Tagaytay Resorts Map and How to Get There

A travel to the cool highlands of Tagaytay will never be complete without a guide, a map perhaps so you know how to get to your choice of affordable Tagaytay resorts and hotel from our list above. So we decided to put a map where you can see a lineup of the different locations of hotels, restaurants, resorts, villas, inns and bar where you can dine, have party and enjoy a relaxing stay over the weekend or on your vacation getaway. Click on the red balloons to see resort details or see the sidebar for more cheaper options.

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Wedding Venues Map and How to Get There

Just like any of our posted Tagaytay resorts above, here is an official map we have for the garden wedding venues you can find in Tagaytay City. For catholic churches, catering service and restaurants for wedding reception, you can browse using this map or use Google search.

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