CM2 Resort in Bulacan - Formerly EFCOR Garden

CM2 is formerly called and know as EFCOR garden resort. The name of the resort is said to have been derived from the owner's parents name - EFCOR. For some reason, a couple of years ago, this Bulacan resort has undergone a major shift by changing its name from EFCOR to CM2. It was quite a major move for an established resort such as EFCOR but since it didn't change owner, the same quality service is what you expect when you come over this greenery filled summer swimming pool site.

The names of the owner's father is EFREN while their mother is named CORNELIA. This resort in Bulacan, now named as CM2 is located in Tubao, Sulucan, Angat, Bulacan. It covers approximately 6,000 sq/m of vast lot area looking like one of the biggest green houses during summer as it is filled with an ambiance of flowers and fruit trees.

CM2 Resort Amenities and Features

Every resort had its own amenities and features to be proud for. EFCOR has been developed to accommodate large number of people in one happy big pool. See other amenities of this summer swimming pool venue.

Resort Amenities:

  • Four (4) guest houses that can accommodate twenty five (25) persons
  • Pavilion good for two hundred to five hundred (200-500) persons
  • Tent beside the pool that will serve up to seventy (70) people
  • Five (5) single detached cottages good for twelve (12) persons
  • Videoke in every corner of the resort
  • Fish pond
  • Sunbathing area
  • Basketball court
  • Canteen facing the parking area
  • Big pool
  • Jacuzzi style kiddy pool

Map Guide for CM2 Resort in Bulacan

While some resorts in Bulacan are pretty easy to find, you might find it a bit tricky to reach this resort. So here is a map guide that you can use if you want to get here. It could be used for both commute or if you have your own car.


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