Boracay De Cavite - Katungkulan Beach Resort Marine Base in Ternate

Travel blogs here and there describes Boracay De Cavite beach resort at different levels of fun and beauty but what is it really that amazes some who've been to this marine base powdery white sand beach resort in Cavite?

So as not to confuse you if you happen to search for information about this resort once dubbed as the "Little Boracay in Cavite", allow me to introduce you to its new name - Katungkulan Beach Resort. Protected by the Philippine Marines Corps, the name is obviously a derivative of call of duty in English which means "katungkulan" in Tagalog or Pilipino dialect.

Boracay De Cavite Picture

Boracay Island Picture

You can clearly see and compare from the 2 photos of Boracay Island and Boracay De Cavite above for which I have provided as taken from Geejay's blog and My Pilipinas library of images (our own). However, trying to see other pictures of the island beach, I seemed not convinced that it is comparable to what Malay, Aklan had.

If you really wanted to find out how powdery white the sand is, I'm afraid you will have to experience it yourself as from another female travel blog post I have read, full of regrets coming to Katungkulan Beach Resort, the shores were already dirty and most of the time full of litter here and there unlike probably in the early days when it is not yet discovered to be a summer destination in Ternate, Cavite. It's amazing how "Power of photography", can change how people view the earth's natural beauty, she also said.

The blogger, a certain Girlie of pinkmountains also reiterated that it is no way near Camarines Sur's Caramoan Beach Resort and Calaguas Island's super fine white cove sands nor Palawan's El Nido and Cebu's numerous white sand beaches like Bantayan Island, making it shy so many miles away from Bora from my own point of view. Some of these comparable and better white sand beaches were even given excellent reviews in Agoda and Tripadvisor respectively.

Nevertheless, PinoyAdventurista blogger, Mervs, found perfect cam-whoring places in the area like the towering stone wall on one side of the island which he described as perfect for selfie Facebook picture taking sessions and for posting in Pinterest for sure. This guys is definitely a con artist in nature places, resorts and tourist spots in the Philippines.

Another way to see and compare is by trying to see videos of the resort. I have just the right one for you to ponder on below.

As you may very well know, white sand glimmers when a picture is taken under the strong heat of the summer sun but videos won't ever lie. Enjoy and watch!

Boracay De Cavite Videos

There is definitely no better way to enjoy and see the natural beauty of any Cavite beach or resort than from amateur videos made by people who've visited the place. We have prepared 3 of them below for you to enjoy and I say the water is indeed prestine and clean and crystal clear compared to Caylabne where I have been. It is also near this Cavite beach resort.

Map, Directions, Guide and How to Get There

Whether via commute of if you have your own car / vehicle, it is pretty easy to get to Boracay de Cavite. Its location is specifically found in Gregorio Lim Marine Barracks in Ternate, Cavite. The resort itself is approximately more than 2 kilometer travel from the gates of the camp with sufficient parking area for those who travel with car. A GPS tracking gadget would be very helpful these days and don't forget to view the breath-taking cliff overlooking the cove in an area stop over somewhere above.

Cavite de Boracay is definite a must avoid place during summer weekends and holyweek holidays making it hard to find a cottage to settle swimming things, food and beach bumming stuff. Secure everything especially valuables as cottages were open and prone to all sorts and types of Pinoy looting sessions.

For group trips from anywhere in Cavite to Ternate, please contact Morry's Van Rental prior to coming over in Boracay de Cavite - 0922-813-2223 (Sun Cellular) or 0906-359-6301 (Globe). Ask for Morry himself and negotiate a rental fee or for possible discount.

How to Get There: (with own car)

No available public transportation is available to get inside the camp. You will need private vehicle to reach the long and winding road to the exact place. To get there, take the new CAVITEX (Cavite Express Way) which is a split road before reaching Bacoor after the Coastal Road toll gate. After the toll gate of CAVITEX, there are 2 choices - Ternate Kawit or Centennial Road. The easiest is Ternate Kawit.

When there, you'll have to drive all the way to the towns of Rosario, Naic, Tanza Maragondon and Ternate in order. From the town city, it will take you about 30-45 minutes drive to Mt. Palay-palay National Park where I have described above to give you a breath-taking awesome view of the shoreline in some spots above. The marine base gate is located along the road between Puerto Azul and Caylabne Bay resorts. From there, the beach is about a 2-kilometer drive from the main gate as I've also entailed above.

How to Get There: (via commute)

Baclaran, Roxas Boulevard is a perfect converging point for travelers by commute to Boracay de Cavite. You can take a ride with a Saulog bus with about Php 95-105 transport fee (might have changed these days). Another option is to ride the popular minibus going to Ternate Cavite for a little cheaper bus fare at about Php 85-90 (might have changed these days). From Ternate bus terminal, your only choice is to hire a jeepney which back then, costs about Php1000 back and forth or two-way.

Boracay de Cavite Resort Amenities, Entrance Fee, Food, Room and Cottage Rates

Great Buys

Many would be looking to find at least a small store inside and luckily, one is present where you can buy basic toiletry needs, snacks and beach junk food for pulutan, softdrinks and liquor of sorts.


Fishing and bonfire building is prohibited for those who opt in for overnight swimming at double the rates / fees of entrance. You can pitch a tent if you like and can rent small rooms for more security and comfort of call of nature facility. You can bring your own food or grill within the beach shore if you have your own grilling stove or "ihawan".

  • Entrance fee is Php 100 for a day swim and Php 200 for overnight stay
  • For those who'll be staying overnight, rooms (700 Php) and cottages (350 - 450 Php)
  • free to pitch a tent and set-up a camp
  • pay parking fee - Motorcycle: 10 Php (day) / 20 Php (night), Car: 50 Php (day) / 100 Php (night).

Actual Itinerary Sample for Boracay de Cavite Travellers

For a great way to enjoy and have fun, it is always highly recommended to have a prepared itinerary prior to visiting beach resorts. This is no exception and if you are not lucky to find one, you can read it here.

Sidetrip Options

A sidetrip segway tuhog type of travel to maximize your fun and enjoyment visiting such a far away paradise during summer is a must. If you want to enjoy in a different and unique way, doing a sidetrip and seeing your options will absolutely surprise your pack of travellers.

For Boracay de Cavite, there are 4 choices - Mt. Pico and Mt. Palpag and Mt Palay-palay National Park for the bird watching and sanctuary, Caylabne Peak and cam whoring at the peak. You will know these if you just observe your path along the way.

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