Villa Krizelna Resort in Bulacan

We've been to Villa Krizelna Resort, a San Rafael resort in Bulacan.

Our family loved it there, you can get one of the cheapest accommodation for room and cottage compared to other resorts and hotels in the area.

Resort owner? Have your place listed. Send us a request and invite us to have your nice venue reviewed with photos and video of our family.

Their rates are all very affordable and the owner, Krizel Ampo and her mom, Ms. Tess were really accommodating and entertaining.

They never stopped having us all served with the best smiling people they have at the swimming pool cottage where we stocked up our stuff and things for swimming. The room they gave us was neat and large enough to accommodate 6 of us including 3 kids.

The villa resort had probably one of the most number of pools inside their summer vacation swimming spot. In fact, they are probably the first to have a covered pool that children and adults alike can enjoy if they don't want to get sunburn from the summer sun. It's also good to take pictures around as there were so many makeshift animals and structures good and ideal for picture taking. BTW, camera is allowed and food is also allowed. They also have grilling stations beside the huts and cottages. Small huts were also found beside the pool area where you can eat and place your things while swimming.

On weekends, as part of their resort amenities, a band regularly performs beside the pool which invites a party type by the pool ambiance. The resort also had fruit trees all around.

Villa Krizelna Amenities, Entrance Fee, Room and Cottage Rates, Parking and Pools

 Entrance Fee / Rates [(A for Adult) and (C for Children)]

Adult = (A)
Children = (C)
*Children that are 4 feet and above in height are (already) considered adults.

Day Swimming
(A) P 100.00
(C) P 90.00

Night Swimming
(A) P120.00
(C) P110.00

Overnight Swimming
(A) P130.00
(C) P120.00

Cottage and VIP Room Rates

- P1,200.00: small
- P3,000.00: medium with videoke
- P3,500.00: half with videoke
- P6,000.00: big with videoke

** For every 3 hours, P450.00
**For overnight stay (12 hours) : P1,800.00

COTTAGES Rate starts from P200.00 / P1200
- P200.00
- P300.00
- P400.00
- P500.00

- P600.00
- P700.00
- P1000.00
- P1200.00

Resort Location Address, Map and How to Get There

Location Address: Brgy. Coral Na Bato, San Rafael Bulacan, San Rafael, Bulacan

Official Website:

Facebook Page:

Below is a guide on how to get to Villa Krizelna resort in Bulacan, San Rafael using Google Maps. If you want to know your commute and by private car travel options, you can always use their complete contact details above to call and ask anything about the resort that you would like to know like resort swimsuit and trunks rules.

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