Seaman Loan Requirements - Documents Needed for 1 Day Release Loan

Seaman loan requirements is probably the most important part of applying for the seafarer loan. This is so because it is the only cash credit that can be qualified as a 1 day release loan in the Philippines today. If you need fast cash and you are an OFW in the maritime or manning business industry, this is the perfect type of loan for you.

Seafarers get the chance to enjoy quick processing  and takeout of proceeds because many lending companies would only allow giving seaman contract in their last few days (mostly 2 days before departure) of boarding schedule.

Because of this issue, lending companies had to opt in to give the service and be able to process, approved and give the seafarer the benefit of enjoying their loan proceeds within the same day with only minimal or lowest possible interest rates.

If you want to apply for this type of loan however, you have to know the different documents you will need or the seaman loan requirements to make your loan processing fast. Remember though that the secret here lies in the loan consultant that you will choose to help you go through the application process all the way.

With that need, my Tatay Sam is probably the most qualified. He has the most extensive contact numbers available to serve clients from Globe, Sun, Smart, Touch Mobile, Talk N Text and other networks using his postpaid phone account. To contact him and ask about the different seaman loan requirements, please see his corporate contact details below.

Call to apply for Seaman Loan - Sam Casuncad
(home office phone: 542-8105 / 542-7015 ) or (Sun Cellular No 0932 - 872 5532) or (Smart Cellular No 0939 - 9269335) / (Globe No 0905 - 4249367 [with Viber]). You may also CHAT or send your completely filled up application form at

Basic Documents Needed for Application - Seaman Loan Requirements

All loan applications starts with submitting to the lending company via your loan agent or consultant, the complete and correct set of documentary seaman loan requirements.

The purpose of which is to make sure that when the maritime worker is pre-qualified using his filled up personal details and papers submitted, it would be easy to see the chances of getting approved for the loan application.

The loan agent or consultant on his end should be critical in initial analysis of the submitted documents and if possible, should include a short interview of the client or borrower so he or she immediately knows the chance of a loan application getting approved. It also helps the borrower instantly know what documents will further be needed to qualify. Another purpose is to initially determine if a document is right or if it needs supporting papers.

To apply for the seaman loan, please contact my Tatay Sam above. He will be your key to getting fast service, quick approval, application, loan proceeds claim and pre-qualification process to other lending companies in the Philippines, should there be a need to transfer your application if you can't qualify to one. Remember that my Tatay is currently consultant to at least 6 lending and micro finance assistance firms and he knows what's best. You can also call him to ask for other possible tips and seaman loan requirements if you are in doubt of your documents on hand.

  1. Completely filled up and signed application form - get it HERE
  2. POEA validated contract
  3. Photocopy of latest passport
  4. Seafarer's Registration Certificate (SRC or SIRB)
  5. Seaman's Book (latest, valid and updated)
  6. New allotment slip / certificate
  7. Marriage contract and Birth certificate of children if married
  8. Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) (Latest and validated by POEA)
  9. Proof of Billing (Can only be Electric or Water Bill)
  10. 1 Co-Borrower (wife, sister, brother, mother or father)
  11. For self allottee or pay on board seaman (wife, mother, father or nearest relative with regular source of income)
  12. 6 pcs of 2x2 picture for the seaman and 4 pcs for co-borrower

If you are having problems with producing any of these seaman loan requirements, don't forget to call my Tatay Sam below. I'm pretty sure he can recommend you to other lending companies out there where you can qualify. The same thing goes for those who have problems qualifying to other lending companies having delinquent payments, failed payments, restructured accounts, bad credit, cancelled credit cards, BP-22 case (bounced check case), replevin case and other unpaid loan payment balances from lending companies like Global Dominion / Asialink Finance / ACF and more. After all, his services are guaranteed absolutely 100% FREE!

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