Salary Loan in the Philippines - Requirements, Where to Apply, Providers and How to Qualify

So you need quick cash but don't know if you qualify for personal salary loan in the Philippines. We'll give you a tip or two using this article to help you process your loan as fast as possible.

So here is the perfect guide for Pinoys and we'd like to include our family's list of popular and not so popular sources for instant loan for your needs.

Note that it could be from banks to private lending companies out there so you can compare and arrive at the lowest interest rate possible that you can avail while applying for a loan and getting free assistance from a qualified professional Pinoy loan agent or broker.

Allow me to give you first an introduction and basic definition of this type of non collateral loan so that at the end of reading our tips and guides, you may be able to come up with a better idea, that which will definitely help you with your need for fast loan without any collateral.

First off, I'd like you all to know that there are now quite a few other names Filipinos call salary loan so to know if you qualify, you have to fully understand certain requirements too while realizing that it doesn't necessarily mean that if you receive a salary and have a regular job, you automatically qualify to become a borrower.

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8 Different Names We Mistakenly Call Salary Loan Today

Learning the different colloquial names Pinoys call salary loan is an issue worth understanding. Being a qualified professional loan consultant in the Philippines for more than 3 years now, I know and have experienced how people come to make such simple mistakes calling the right loan for the wrong name.

Although they all fall under the same category if you are to ask me, still, there are quite a few differences and variations to these types of credit offers in the Philippines in terms of requirements and pre-qualifying requisites.

Furthermore, not all banks or private financing firms offer the same set of loans. Their respective loan regulations and policies also differ. Knowing them with the use of our tips here at MyPilipinas.Com will definitely give you the edge. This way, you won't waste precious time trying to inquire. You can also outright know if you can qualify or not.

Some of them fall under documentary needs while some would include issues with salary bracket, if you live in your own house or if you are a regular employee or not. Putting them all in one list, we have pinpointed each popular term Pinoys call it today.

  1. Personal Loan
  2. Seaman Loan
  3. Bank Loan
  4. Credit Card Loan
  5. Non Collateral Loan
  6. ATM Loan
  7. Personal Bank Loan
  8. SSS Loan
  9. Bankers Loan
  10. Doctors Loan

Salary Loan Providers in the Philippines

There are literally so many providers that offer salary loan in the country. The problem alone of finding the right one is hard for most. Like for example - loan for call center agents / customer service representatives / contact center agents. These people were one of the most neglected employees and from my knowledge to loan offers, lending companies, even banks avoid giving workers in this field the chance to file for a loan. For whatever reason they have, I don't really know.

My hunch is, being employed in the industry, workers are the most prone to security of job, meaning, they are one of the most unstable employment industries even if they consist majority of the workforce employment in the Philippines today being a destination for business process outsourcing and offshore related jobs.

Ok, the list below is just based from our own online research. If you want to find out more, please feel free to search online. On the other hand, we promise to grow this list as we go along each year.

27 Top Bank Financing Salary Loan Providers

Bank's best business is not through your deposits or accounts. This year 2014, has shown emergence of activity for many banks to offer lending as part of their business solutions to customers. See our list below.

  1. Equitable PCI Bank
  2. Metrobank
  3. Bankard
  4. BPI Express
  5. Standard Chartered
  6. AIG
  7. Citibank
  8. HSBC
  9. RCBC
  10. Maybank
  11. Premier Bank
  12. Chinatrust Bank
  13. Landbank
  14. Robinsons Bank
  15. Philippine Postal Savings Bank
  16. PSBank
  17. Insular Bank
  18. Sterling Bank
  19. Eastwest Bank
  20. Philippine Business Bank
  21. Planters Bank
  22. CitySavings Bank
  23. Security Bank
  24. Allied Bank
  25. BDO
  26. Philippine Bank of Communications (PB Com)
  27. Asia United Bank

25 Top Private Financing Firm Salary Loan Providers and Loan Consultants

It's a wild world out there for most Philippines business by lending companies but nevertheless, here is our list.

  1. LoanPh.Com
  2. OFW Loan
  3. Cash Loans Philippines
  4. Credit Pilipinas
  5. Vidalia
  6. Lenddo
  7. iMoney
  8. Finefectivo
  9. MVC Financing Service
  10. Loan Solutions
  11. Global Dominion
  12. Asialink Finance
  13. South Asialink
  14. SSS Loan
  15. AG Finance
  16. PureGold
  17. RFC Inc
  18. Capitalife
  19. Royal Marketing Services
  20. Capex
  21. Valuemax Lending
  22. Blumex
  23. Manila Lending
  24. Elena
  25. Asian Cathay Finance

6 Top Factors on How to Get Approved of Salary Loan Fast

Frankly, as a top loan consultant for different and most of the listed lending companies above including banks for more than 3 years now, there is one secret to getting a salary loan application approved fast.

I will list down all the factors affecting your approval rate. You better understand them all or else, you'll absolutely be declined.

In the first place, never apply to any lending company be it private or bank if you don't know that you can qualify. Take a pre qualification test or initial interview with a qualified professional loan broker before anything else. You can read this post for relevant tips.


  1. Choose a qualified and professional loan consultant - Why? Well, we all know that not all professionals qualify and not all who qualify are professionals but if you have best of both worlds, it absolutely rocks! It's because little do loan borrowers understand that the key to getting a loan approved fast is to have a loan agent or broker assist in all process. Just make sure that the service is FREE and do choose only a qualified professional. You will notice this immediately when you speak with him or her. Never go straight to a lending company with nobody to assist you or your application will just be part of the long line up of documents. It is always best to have someone to help you out with any problems on the process and documentary requirements.
  2. Undergo pre-qualification selection or interview - After you pick the right loan agent, the second most important thing to do is to make sure you can qualify. Lay out your aces and talk it out with your agent straight if you can qualify or to the least, know your chances of getting approved or if there are alternative solutions to a problem on qualifying.
  3. Communicate - I have mentioned above that communication will play a major role in getting your salary loan application approved fast. If you are not ready to communicate, then have your agent do that for you. It's their job to provide you with a constant update regarding your loan application. Your job on this is to provide him or her what is needed in all aspects.
  4. Be cooperative - An agent's worst dilemma is a client who is not 100% willing to yield in to what is asked of him. Most of the time based from my own experience, a borrower doesn't want to cooperate due to impatience. If you are not ready to do this, then don't apply at all. You will be wasting your precious time as well as your loan agent's efforts.
  5. Ask for a complete list of requirements - After you pre-qualify, the next thing that a good agent will ask is if you have the complete set of documentary requirements. Be sure to listen and know outright if you don't have any of the required document and then ask your agent if there is an alternative. Mostly, borrower's problem is with regards to IDs. Your agent should be good on this to find and give you an alternative.
  6. Do your own follow up - Never wait for results. Apart from getting information via making a follow up with your agent, chances are, there's much too much he or she is doing and there could be other clients on line aside from you. Be sure to do your job of following up with your application. Do also ask for updates from the lending company catering to your salary loan application. Then try to coincide what your agent is giving up in the form of updates. Consistency is always one way to a win-win situation.

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