Puerto Galera Resorts - List of Affordable Beach Resorts & Hotel Rates

Puerto Galera resorts is a great destination for summer white beach outing and fun in the sand.

Lenten season - peak visit pour in Sabang Island for cheap affordable hotel rates accommodation. What about you? (photo credits to bookbelowzero.com)

Resort owner? Have your place listed. Send us a request and invite us to have your nice venue reviewed with photos and video of our family.

While some would prefer to rent budget villas offering special and cheaper packages for a more private and spacious stay in this popular destination in Oriental Mindoro, some like it in the beachfront.

The reason? Because of the very long white sand beach lining up the sea shore. Resorts, villas and hotels that you never thought would be available for your choice of affordable overnight or weekend getaway will be made open for your choice below in our directory.

Just search our list below. We promise to grow this list as we go along. In the meantime, you can also view a list here - http://www.puertogaleraresorts.com/

Our List of Dive Spot and Beach Resorts

While beach resort would usually open up for a swim in the salt water sea of Sabang Island in Oriental Mindoro, a dive resort would also be a nice choice. There are so many divers interested in finding something new something more diverse perhaps with respect to marine life biodiversity. This place is just perfect!

For this reason, our family will be listing some of the most popular diver resorts and diving spots for diving enthusiasts out there. Places like these don't care if you are a Filipino diver or a foreigner from another land. Just tipping you off so you'll enjoy your visit.

List of Resorts, Hotels, Villas and Dive Spots

  • Coco Beach Island Resort
  • Badladz Adventure Resort
  • Tamaraw Beach Resort
  • Puerto Nirvana Beach Resort
  • Mermaid Resort
  • El Galleon Dive Resort
  • Portofino Beach Resort
  • Encenada Beach Resort
  • Blue Crystal Beach Resort
  • Out of the Blue Private Villas
  • Graywall Resort
  • La Laguna Beach Resort
  • Or. Sabang Hills Resort
  • Blue Ribbon Dive Resort
  • Big Apple Dive Resort
  • White Beach Resort
  • Tropicana Castle Resort
  • Campbell's Beach Resort
  • Atlantis Dive Resort
  • Marco Vincent Dive Resort
  • La Solana Suites & Resort
  • Hollywood Palm Beach Resort
  • Sabang Oasis
  • Coral Cove Resort & Dive Centre
  • Sunset at Aninuan Beach Resort
  • White Beach Guest House
  • Dolphinbay Beachfront Resort
  • Tanawin Bay Resort
  • Franklyn Beach Resort
  • Capt'n Greeg's Beach Resort Restaurant and Dive Shop
  • Angelyn's Dive Resort
  • Swengland Dive Resort
  • V.M Beach Resort
  • Sabang Beach Resort
  • Buri Beach Resort
  • Fishermens Cove Beach Resort Diving Center
  • Oceana Galera Beach Resort
  • Casa Manuel resort & Hotel
  • Apartelle De Francesca Hotel
  • Lan-Sei Water Resort
  • Steps Garden Resort
  • Big La LaGuna Beach Dive Resort
  • Club Mabuhay Sabang Beach Resort
  • Song of Joy Resort
  • Tuna Joe Backpackers & Condo's
  • Buena Lynne's Restaurant, Bar & Lodging
  • Villa Estrellita Beach Resort
  • Starfish Inn And Restaurant
  • Villa Halcyon Puerto Galera
  • Elizabeth's Hideaway
  • Garden of Eden
  • Lagundian Hills
  • Paradise Dive Resort
  • Utopia Resort & Spa
  • Carlos Inn
  • El Canonero Diving Beach Resort
  • Scandi Divers
  • Sea Jewel Beach Resort
  • Puerto Galera Church
  • Club Mabuhay Lalaguna Resort
  • Agbing Beach Resort
  • Bamboo House Beach Lodge & Restaurant
  • Filipiniana Hotel and Resort
  • Encenada Beach Resort
  • Dive VIP Seaside Resort
  • Parang Beach Resort
  • Anahaw Island View Resort
  • Dreamwave Hotel & Resort
  • Red Sun Beach Resort
  • Villa de Pico Highland Beach Resort
  • Villa Fernandez Resort
  • Tauchen Philippinen
  • Oct Travel
  • Junie Online Puerto Galera Resort Hotel
  • Palangan Bay View Resort
  • Tribal Hills Resort
  • Infinity Resort
  • Sabang Oasis Resort
  • Villa Bienvenida Beach Resort
  • Gray Wall Resort
  • Villa Lato Montagna Resort
  • Oriental Sabang Hill Resort
  • Seashore Beach Resort
  • Delgado Resort
  • Mengie's Resort Talipanan Beach
  • Jhanarieans Resort
  • Orient Pearl Resort
  • REM's Island Hotel - Resort
  • GM's Beach Resort
  • AB Wonderdive Resort
  • Banana Moon Beach Resort
  • Mindorinne Oriental Resort
  • Mariners Beach Resort
  • Sea Queen Dive Resort
  • The Summer Connection Beach Resort
  • Basilico Beach Lodge & Kafe Bar
  • Bangera Inn
  • Amihan Villa

Puerto Galera Resorts Map and How to Get There

Want to know or see a waypoint guide on how to get to your choice of hotel, resort or villa in Sabang island, Oriental Mindoro? Below is a map. If you like and know how to do it right, you can sketch out a route from Manila to Puerto Galera. There are air, land and sea Philippines travel choices for cheap rates and packages.

To find where a resort is exactly located, hover over and point your cursor in red balloon spots. It will reveal the resort name upon mouse over.

From there, you can also type the name of the resort you want to know or see a direction on how to get there, type in the search box (using Google Maps Philippines) the correct name of the resort and append or add the word Puerto Galera after. 

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