Bangera Inn in Puerto Galera

Looking for a hotel in Puerto Galeara? Bangera Inn is very clean, quiet and a great hotel, it is best and greatest accommodation ever. The hotel is small but a place for breathtaking. The construction and the atmosphere is so perfect for newlywed.  Every room is so clean and well organize and their staff were very accommodating and nice person. So if you are choosing the perfect place to stay, i highly recommend  this hotel.

Hotel Information, Accommodation and Rates

Contact Information

  • Location Address: 5203 Whitebeach, Puerto Galera, Philippines
  • Contact Numbers: 0905 423 1468
  • Email Address:

Guide Map and How To Get There Information

Public transit - ride a bus going to Batangas Pier (better if riding CALABARZON to the pier) then ride a boat going to White Beach, Puerto Galera. Stay at Bangera Inn, best hotel for you.

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