List of Pools and Private Resorts in Antipolo Rizal

Resort owner? Have your place listed. Send us a request and invite us to have your nice venue reviewed with photos and video of our family.

Last year, we have written about what the combined public and private resorts in Antipolo had to offer as well as specially designed swimming pools and wave pools. It's a wonder that if you know how to get to the city in the sky, you'd probably wish to stay there for good. I mean the weather is good and slightly cold being located in a high altitude and the people are polite and courteous as well.

You can view the list our family have compiled by clicking here. We've been going there once or twice a year and whenever we find extra time, we eat at some of the best restaurants that Antipolo had to offer. A list of awesome food finds can be found here - If you are a resort owner, please check our reminder above. In the meantime, check out the private pools list we have compiled today, below.

Check out These Awesome Antipolo Restaurants

If you have spare time and you want a unique food adventure and excitement in your meal whether dinner, breakfast or lunch or even just for a different aura in a cafe, the list below will surely make your saliva drip and drop.

  • Bali Gulp
  • View Chalet
  • Cloud 9
  • Crescent Moon Cafe
  • Hilltop Garden House
  • Grilla
  • Leonardo's
  • Niagara Hills

Private Resorts in Antipolo - Summer Swimming Venues

Private resorts in Antipolo? We just developed our family's list below and we promise to continue to grow this list everytime we encounter in our countless and endless escapades to the city in the sky. Our commitment to become the center where you can find relevant information from photos, video, map guide, amenities and more starts here. Have fun whatever occasion or event you have!

We promise to grow the list above each and every year as new technology for resorts having wave pool amenity is being introduced to the new generation of summer swimming pool fun in the Philippines.

Other List of Resorts in Antipolo City, Rizal

It really is a combination of both public and private resorts but for whatever purpose or preference you have this summer 2014, the list we have below hopes to help you find the perfect swimming getaway or for your company outing and team building. Clicking on any link in blue text will lead you to our own resort review where you can see photos, amenities list, rate and entrance fees to pay, accommodation (allow overnight or not) and room availability. We hope it helps.

Resorts in Antipolo w/ Location Address (Arranged in Alphabetical Order)

  • 3B Resort
  • Antipolo Star Resort
  • Aqua Land Resort
  • Bosay Resort
  • Boso-Boso Highlands Resort
  • Bretsch And Barrie Resort
  • Callo Spa Resort - Collaique, Antipolo City
  • Casa Ibiza
  • Cattleya Farm Resort- Colaique, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City
  • Celestial Inn Resort
  • Cliff Resort
  • ChillOut Pool
  • City View Private Pool
  • Cloud9 Antipolo Hotel and Resort
  • D' Compound Resort
  • Deogracia's Garden Resort
  • Femar Garden Resort - Taktak Road, Brgy. Dela Paz, Antipolo City
  • Fe Shaw Private Resort
  • Forest Hill Resort
  • GEMS Hotel & Conference Center
  • Hilltop Pools
  • Island Route's Resort
  • Jamesville - M. Santos Ext., Antipolo City
  • Jan and Henrick's
  • John's Ranch Resort
  • Joseph Resort
  • La Colina Resort in Antipolo - Zinnia St., La Colina Subdivision Brgy. Mambugan, Antipolo City
  • Las Brisas Hotel & Conference Center - Ortigas Ave. Ext. Antipolo City
  • Lily of the Valley Resort Man
  • Loreland Farm - Colaique, Sitio Ibabaw, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City
  • Macion Private Pool and Resort
  • Marabella Palace Resort
  • Master's Place Garden Resort
  • Mi Terraza Resort
  • Moments Resort and Event Center
  • Narciso's Resort House
  • Overlook Resort & Conference Center - Overlook Drive, Taktak Road, Antipolo City
  • Philip's Sanctuary
  • Paenaan Camping Farm - Sitio Paenaan, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo City
  • Picnic Grover Resort
  • Prince Square Resort
  • Real Cove Resort
  • Rhodora Garden Resort
  • Sharon Carl's Resort
  • Sunlight Resort
  • Sunrise Resort in Antipolo - Along Provincial Road, Brgy. Dalig, Antipolo – Teresa Boundary
  • Sunrock Resort
  • Suva’s Place
  • Terra Villa Resort
  • The City Hideaway Private Resort
  • The Masters Place Garden Resort
  • Thunderbird Resort
  • Villa Anunciata Resort in Antipolo - Sitio Cabading, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo City
  • Villa Concepcion
  • Villa Cristina Hotel & Resort - Taktak Road, Antipolo City
  • Villa Jhoana Resort
  • Villa Mari - Taktak Road, Brgy. Dela Paz
  • Villa Sampaguita - Km.31 National Highway, Brgy. Dalig, Antipolo Ctiy
  • Villa Virginia Resort & Conference Center - Taktak Road, Antipolo City
  • Yasak Resort
  • Yapak Mountain Spring Resort



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