Chillout Pool Resort in Antipolo

It is very hard to find Chillout Pool resort in Antipolo when you search online. So far, this seem to be an imaginary existing resort in the overlooking cliffs of the city in the sky.

My Pilipinas staff has tried searching for more information we can find about this resort to see if it can be categorized as a private pool resort or public swimming pool. We failed to find more information. Instead, we arrived at and found out they too have been having a hard time finding more information to post for accommodation room rates, entrance fees and other relevant and important resort details. We too found out that any information search would lead to 2 new resorts in the names of Serendipity and Date and Dine resorts respectively.

Conclusion to Chillout Pool Resort

This led us to conclude and believe that Chillout Pool resort must've been changed from the original name to another name. Probably the property had been sold long time ago that you can't even find a trace of it apart from a few mentions online when searching. If you happen to be one of the owners or people who have been there, please send us some information regarding this Antipolo resort so we may be able to give our visitors some updates.

Bottomline, please search and find our resorts directory to go elsewhere rather than spend some time searching online only to find out nothing about this resort.

Map Guide and How to Get There

As for now, we will reserve this particular page just in case some good samaritan Pinoy who happened to visit this resort gives us any bit of information that might be valuable to our visitors here at About Philippines page. We promise to update this page as soon as we get an information and rest assured that our staff will be keeping in touch with any latest information that may be available soon. Have a nice summer swim!




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