PNP TMG Clearance - Requirements, Fees and Procedures for Vehicle Transfer or Change Ownership and More

If you are to secure a motor vehicle clearance certificate or the PNP TMG clearance from any HPG office / headquarters (MVCO), we have the list of document requirements. If you want to know what purpose this document may serve, we have the list. We will also be providing you the step by step process for MV clearance application.

What is important is that if you know what you need and why you want to secure a copy of this Philippine government document from the Traffic Management Group (TMG), then you are good to go.

Who May Apply / Request for PNP TMG Clearance?

Different purposes (as listed below) require different documents as well as different cases. If you want to know who may apply or secure a copy of this important vehicular document, please hover in our list below.

  • Local dealers of motor vehicle
  • Owners of brand new imported motor vehicles
  • Owners of second hand imported motor vehicles
  • Owners of knocked down (CKD) imported motor vehicles
  • Owners of imported motor vehicles - voluntary payment
  • Owners of rebuilt motor vehicles
  • Owners of motor vehicles acquired thru bidding
  • Owners of brand motor vehicles for transfer of ownership
  • Owners of motor vehicles for change engine / chassis
  • Owners of motor vehicles for change color
  • Owners of motor vehicles for change body design
  • Owners of motor vehicles for record check
  • Owners of motor vehicles for permit to assemble

Purposes and Uses of a PNP TMG Clearance for Motor Vehicles

Although it is very easy and literally only takes about 3 days to secure the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) vehicle clearance certificate, there are different uses for this document. The purpose of your application may vary depending upon your need for changes in the vehicle ownership or appearance or for manufacture, assembly, payment, design changes, shipment, importation and more. These are the basis for securing one.

Usually, it is the change of ownership that triggers people and Pinoys owning a car (imported or not) to apply for this collateral property document. A necessity to secure clearance would mean and guarantee that your auto or car is either free from any court case, accident or crime involvement and may pursue with travel for any purpose.

  • For Change of Color
  • For Change of Ownership
  • Original Registration (brand new / local)
  • Original Registration (brand new / imported)
  • Change Engine / Chassis
  • Original Registration (second hand / imported)
  • Change Body Design
  • Original Registration (completely knocked down / imported)
  • Original Registration (imported - voluntary payment)
  • For Shipment
  • Original Registration (assembled / rebuilt)
  • For Record Check
  • Original Registration (acquired thru bidding)
  • For Permit to Assemble

Note that all transactions listed above will take 3 working days from day of application. There are no noon break in all TMG HPG headquarters offices all over the Philippines.

Schedule of Availability and Application:

Monday - Friday / 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM and no noon break!

Where to Apply?

Camp Crame or any HPG directory office

Step by Step Procedures in Application of PNP TMG Clearance for Motor Vehicles

For inquiries, comments, and suggestions, please call 7236719
at HMVCDHPG, Camp Crame, Quezon City and look for Action Officer on Duty

Different applications take corresponding procedures. Below is the list of step in order to secure a copy of your HPG motor vehicle clearance from Camp Crame Highway Patrol Group Office or any other authorized headquarters.

  1. Get and fill up the application form from the Receiving Section.
  2. Submit the form together with required documents (see list below). (1 and 2 takes 30 minutes)
  3. Pay necessary fees (see list below) at the Land Bank of the Philippines as authorized by assisting officer. This is usually just nearby the HPG office where you are applying for the clearance (Crame or Pasay).
  4. Go back to Receiving Section of HPG MVCD and get a copy of the claim stub and action slip
  5. Go to Motor Vehicle Inspection Section for physical inspection and macro etching (stencil) of the vehicle engine and chassis number. (4 and 5 takes 2 hours 35 min)
  6. Return the following day for the full process to go through - processing of documents (1 hour) / records verification (8 hours) / encoding and printing of clearance (2 hours) / counter checking (30 min) / final processing and signature of clearance officer (1 hour) / clerk stamping (1 hour)
  7. Release of document (3rd day) (10 min) ...

Total of 16 hours 45 minutes

PNP TMG Clearance Fees and Charges

PNP TMG clearance for motor vehicles have different requirements depending upon the type of service purpose you want to avail as listed above. The same goes for the different charges and fees to pay for a particular type of service. We have listed them all below for the purpose of information only. All figures are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Permit to Assemble - Php 150.00
  • Original Registration (local and imported) - Php 200.00
  • Transfer of Ownership - Php 300.00
  • Change Engine and/or Chassis - Php 300.00
  • Change Color - Php 300.00
  • Change Body Design - Php 300.00
  • For Shipment - Php 300.00
  • Record Check - Php 300.00
  • Original Registration (imported 2nd hand) - Php 400.00
  • Original Registration (completely knocked-down) - Php 400.00
  • Original Registration (imported voluntary payment) - Php 400.00
  • Original Registration (acquired thru bidding) - Php 400.00
  • Original Registration (assembled - rebuilt) - Php 550.00

PNP TMG Clearance Requirements

Below is the complete list of requirements for any type of application involving PNP TMG clearance copy. This is the updated list as of year 2016 based from the official declaration by LTO and HPG websites.

Change Color:

  1. Original LTO OR CR (official receipt and certificate of registration)
  2. Original affidavit of change of color (see sample) duly notarized and executed/signed by the owner and painter
  3. Macro-etching certificate or stencil of engine and chassis number in a LTO blue form

Transfer or Change of Ownership:

  1. Original deed of sale or Writ of Execution from court authorizing the transfer.
  2. Original LTO O.R. C.R. (official receipt and certificate of registration)
  3. Original copy of cancellation/release/assumption of chattel mortgage (if vehicle is mortgaged)
  4. Original copy of Secretary's Certificate (if vehicle is acquired from a company or corporation)
  5. Original copy of special power of attorney (SPA) (if vehicle sale was made thru a representative)
  6. Certification from insurance company that subject MV was not declared a total loss/wrecked prior to sale (if vehicle was acquired from an insurance company)
  7. Macro-etching certificate (vehicle engine and chassis stencil in LTO authorized blue form)
  8. TIN of the vendor and vendee or 2 valid primary IDs for both

Other Uses of PNP TMG Clearance

Apart from the stated uses and purposes of application and securing a copy of the HPG clearance, there may be other uses for this authentic document. Below is our own list.

  1. proof of sale and ownership of vehicle
  2. proof of payment as legal document
  3. proof of clearance from any involvement in crime, accident or fraudulent acts
  4. application of car loan
  5. application of court case clearance



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