Philippine Postal ID - Security Features, Application Requirements, Procedure and Fees

Last November 2014 the new Philippine postal ID has been featured in a press release. Changes have been finally made to secure the said ID which is open for 2015 application. You can read about the latest security features that have been incorporated by PhilPost Office in their official website.

For decades now, Filipinos have been reliant on this ID as one of the sources for personal identification and address confirmation as well as for part of documentary requirement and qualification to employment, numerous government services and application systems.

The agency has already modernized the identification card as they unveiled the upgraded new look and feel of the said ID. Considerably enough, it could very well be considered now as a primary ID because of it's tamper-proof features and digital photo capturing machine used to take picture of the applicant, according to the Philippine Post Office and Postmaster General Josefina Dela Cruz.

With the same dimensions as the old version wallet-sized postal ID, the new plastic card version has now been infused with layers of digital security which has become a signature for determining the authenticity of the new ID, thereby replacing the very old non-secured traditional type which has been replicated by scamers in Recto. This place is known for fake documents, IDs and all sorts of forms and legal white papers. With the implementation of the new security features, Recto has now become a target for prevention of fake replica of the Philippine postal ID.

New Philippine Postal ID - New Features by PhilPost Office

Below is an actual photo (screenshot) of the new postal ID as released by PhilPost and the website of the official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines. With all due respect, from the appearance of this new version ID, I must commend the efforts made by the Philippine government to make changes to the obsolete security features embedded with the old ID for decades now. It's about time we go forward and move on to new horizons with the ID system of the country through the release of this new version which has been packed with multiple security features to avoid breach and replication from scammers all over the country.

New Security Features Include:

  • state of the art fingerprinting pattern
  • quick response (QR) code to a magnetic stripe which makes it hard to counterfeit
  • cardboard paper and plastic lamination combination
  • tamper-proof biometric technology standard manufacturing
  • holographic security image

Dela Cruz also said that this new Philippine postal ID is in "preparation of the revolutionary ID for the functionalities of an ATM, a debit card for cashless postal money transfers and remittance, as well as loyalty rewards"

Photo: New Postal ID

Full photo credits to PhilPost article which you can read and find here - Alternately, you may visit the country's official gazette website here.

Problems Resolved by Implementation of Security Features for the New Philippine Postal ID

To tip Pinoys off with the extended list of uses for postal ID, I will be enumerating the different problems that have been resolved with the implementation of new security features as well as for opening up of this new version of the ID.

  1. Employment
  2. Documentary Requirements
  3. Application Uses
  4. Lack of Primary IDs
  5. Bank, Hospital and Establishment Transactions
  6. Primary Identification Purposes
  7. Access to Public Services and Opportunities
  8. Opening Bank Account
  9. Encashment of Check
  10. Buying Property
  11. Mortgage Purposes
  12. Loan Application
  13. Passport Application and Various Goverment Documents
  14. Social Services
  15. Credible Identity Source
  16. Issuance of Primary ID for Jobless, Home-Based and Freelance as well as Pinoys Employed or Working Online.

All these conveniences and capabilities of the new ID is made possible with the joint venture of PHLPost and Filipino IT company called Filmetrics Corporation, the same people behind the making of tamper-proof Social Security System ID.

Application Procedures, Requirements and Fees or Charges to Pay Per Copy in 2015

Below is the complete list of basic and documentary requirements for application of the Philippine postal ID.

Please only submit and pay to designated or authorized offices of the Philippine government to avoid getting scammed.

  1. Original copy of Birth Certificate by NSO or birth certificate authenticated
    By the Local Civil Registrar (LCR)
  2. Valid NBI clearance or certification from the Barangay Captain that applicant is a bonafide resident of the Barangay together with photocopy of the valid identification card of the Barangay Captain.
  3. If a student, Certification from the Principal or School Registrar, together with photocopy of the valid identification card of the Principal or School Registrar.
  4. If employed, certification from the employer with the employer’s valid identification card.
  5. If married, marriage contract issued by the NSO or LCR.
  6. Latest CEDULA (not applicable for minors and those considered special children
  7. 2 copies of the new application form
  8. 3 pcs colored photo (1 1/2” x 2”), for P.O.s without Photo Services


Plus Any of the Following:

  • Original Copy of Police Clearance
  • Employee / Company ID if employed or certification from the employer with the employer’s valid ID
  • NBI Clearance
  • School ID if student or Certification from the Principal or School registrar, together with their photocopy of the valid IDs

Fees to Pay:

Rush processing (exclusive of 12% VAT): Php 400.00
Regular processing (exclusive of 12% VAT): Php 300.00
Certification Fee (optional): Php 30.00/copy

Step by Step Procedure of Application:

  1. Fill out a Postal ID application form (download form here)
  2. Submit application form with all other required documents (previous tab)
  3. Pay processing fee
  4. Return to post office on scheduled date and present receipt to claim your postal ID

For Philippine postal ID renewal, just bring the same documents plus the old or expired ID and fees to pay to the nearest post office branch.

You May Contact the Philippine Postal Corporation through their Hotline Below

For any problems and inquiries regarding services offered and products of PhilPost, please contact them through their hotline telephone numbers and email below.

Philippine Postal Corporation

Location Address: Central Post Office Building, Liwasang Bonifacio, 1000 Manila, Philippines

Telefax: +632527 0067





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