NBI - Clearance, Renewal Centers, Requirements, Application, Downloadable Form and Online Inquiry Tips

Helping you with your NBI clearance - renewal centers, application requirements and downloadable form via online inquiry. Tips on how to apply / get National Bureau of Investigation clearance in the nearest branch office in your area, the fastest way with our FAQs.

Our family definitely had a lot to share with respect to clearance renewal and new application to help Filipinos undergo the process in an easier manner and eventually save time. We are glad to be of help to Pinoys here and abroad.

Our Shortlist of Information Regarding National Bureau of Investigation

Clicking on the blue underlined links below will take you to the center for information regarding that specific topic about the National Bureau of Investigation in the Philippines.

If you want to pass on these relevant and useful information, please continue reading below. Please note that with the branches listed below, many of which can still be found in malls all over Metro Manila like SM Malls and Robinsons Malls. These are called satellite offices / branches and kiosks.

  • Application Form Download
  • Renewal Centers and Satellite Offices
  • Fees and Rates
  • Step by Step Online Application Procedures
  • Payment Centers
  • FAQs
  • Branches Nationwide
  • Application Requirements

NBI Clearance Application Form Download

You can download the eclearance NBI application form document below from scribd, where we got the source of this document. Have it filled up and bring to the nearest branch for application convenience.

How to Make Clearance Online Application and Registration, Payment Options and Centers

Below is a complete guide and step by step procedures lined up for use by applicants of the clearance whether for renewal or new application. Please be guided accordingly whilst these procedures are subject to change without prior notice so be sure to check here often for changes. We will update this page regularly.

Applying for Clearance Online Guide

Here is a simple list of step by step online NBI clearance application guide.

Processing and Application FAQs

Fees to Pay for your Clearance Based from Purpose or Use of Document

Clearance Per Purpose Processing Fees / Cost Online

Just add a small amount of Php 20.00 for every clearance you apply online and add the standard price per document depending upon the purpose to be put on the document as listed below. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. You can find a list of renewal centers and satellite offices where you can fall in line to apply for the clearance here - http://www.internetphilippines.com/philippines-institutions/nbi-clearance-renewal-centers-2012-satellite-offices/.

How Much it Costs Per Document Use or Purpose Basis

  • ACR Requirement - Php 415
  • Adoption - Php 165
  • Bid Requirement - Php 115
  • Business Requirement - Php 165
  • Cancellation of ACR - Php 415
  • Change of Name - Php 165
  • Customs Pass ID - Php 115
  • DOT Requirement - Php 115
  • Enlistment Phil. Airforce - Php 115
  • Enlistment Phil. Army - Php 115
  • Enlistment Phil. Navy Php 115
  • Enlistment PNP - Php 115
  • ID Purposes - Php 115
  • Immigration Requirement - Php 115
  • Local Employment - Php 115
  • Marriage Requirement - Php 115
  • Naturalization - Php 415
  • NFA - Php 165
  • Other Requirement - Php 115
  • PNP Requirement - Php 115
  • POEA Requirement - Php 165
  • Promotion - Php 115
  • Repatriation - Php 415
  • SEC Requirement - Php 165
  • SSS Requirement - Php 115
  • Student Visa - Php 115
  • TBC - Php 165
  • TBC for RTO - Php 165
  • Travel Abroad - Php 115
  • Travel to countries like Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, New Zealand, USA, Taiwan, Middle East, Qatar, China, etc cost - Php 115
  • Visa to countries also cost - Php 115



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