NBI Form - Application Form Download and Procedures on How to Apply

Below is the actual NBI form for clearance application purposes. It is the revised and new form which you can download below or from the actual source where it is uploaded for use in online application as well as offline.

An old version of the NBI form is available below for viewing and information purposes only. For printout problems, access, browser problems, reference numbers, form download, payment processing and so on, please contact the citizens charter call center for more information.

You may also download it for reference and comparison to the new version or come over in person to any nearby NBI branch office in your area.

Alternately, you may get the official form from the NBI website here - http://www.nbi.gov.ph/nbcs/Revised%20NBI%20Clearance%20Application%20Form%20V1.7%20%28blue%292.pdf

NBI Form Download Online

Revised NBI Clearance Application Form V1.7 (Blue)2 by angeljhing

NBI Clearance Application Guide

As a relevant tip, please be reminded for those of you who are going to apply and secure a copy of NBI clearance in the main office in U.N. Avenue. You have to be early as you can, even as early as 5AM at the vicinity in order to come out early and finish the whole process.

Be sure to opt in for the overtime extra pay if there is one available if you are in a strictly fast process to expedite the release of your copy of the clearance. The nearest clearance outlet might be your best option and only go for it. Be sure to secure validated cards and IDs for assurance to avoid application process interruption.

Be sure to secure and complete the list of requirements as listed below before you report to apply in any NBI branch. This will help you get the application process done much faster than you can imagine. Also prepare a photocopy of all required documents to avoid lost time and inconvenience.

You may check for a revised copy of the NBI clearance application form (abroad and local employment purpose) at the official NBI website here - www.nbi.gov.ph.

Application Requirements, FAQs and Step by Step Procedures

Below is the list of complete requirements for applying for a NBI clearance. Just for the record, see it below or download a copy of the actual form above from the blue underlined link or from scribd or docstoc.

  • Residence Certificate
  • Payment of Fees thru GCash or any Globe Payment Centers
  • Your Reference Number
  • Your QR Code
  • 2 valid IDs (government IDs like SSS, GSIS, Passport, Voter's ID, Driver's License, and company ID)

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