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Here is our page for the latest LET exam result because we know that PRC exam is a must to pass for teachers looking to be classified as professionals in their field of elementary or secondary education in the Philippines.

Apart from this, we intend to provide resources that could help Pinoy teachers to pass their Professional Regulation Commission board exam so they can proceed with plans on other related training and teaching jobs.

Training for teachers are very important and the first step before graduating is to undergo OJT or actual teaching practicum in a selected school which may be public or private while the second step is to have the necessary teacher certification.Professional promotion to teacher 1,2,3,4 and so on may be had while teaching years age and experience develops.

With this on hand, we might just provide materials for teacher training programs, LET exam reviewer and questions, test questionnaire samples and teacher lesson plan samples. As we go along, we wanted to develop a website that will act as a teachers guide and center for Filipino educators with respect to learning and development resource.

LET Passers List - Elementary and Secondary

LET Elementary Exam Result

LET Secondary Exam Result

LET Result September 2012 (Elementary) - November 2012 Release

LET Result September 2012 (Secondary) - November 2012 Release

LET Reviewer and Review Question Samples - Test Paper Questionnaire

The Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is the only recognized Philippines' national qualifying examination for professional teachers. Taking this test is a mandate duly stated in our by-laws as detailed in Republic Act No. 7836 - The Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994. To be able to pass this examination as a teacher and become recognized by both public and private schools as well as international schools, passing LET is a stepping stone.

This examination is held two times every year as administered by the PRC. The usual schedule is held in April while a second batch is during September from which after a month (usually), the results were released for public viewing at prc.gov.ph website.

Basically from an actual experience of a former classmate in high school who decided to become a teacher, the exam is divided into three set of tests - 1. General Education, 2. Professional Education, and 3. Content Courses. The L.E.T. is also referred today as a meridian for the National Competency-Based Teaching Standards (NCBTS).

Going to the actual topic, we offer you 3 choices. Either you can sign up to wait for a FREE online LET reviewer questionnaire here. or go buy a self-review book guide for LET exam at the National Bookstore here. We are saving the best choice for last of course. Your third and best choice is to get the FREE LET REVIEW GUIDE that we found in scribd. See the documentS below.

Free LET Reviewer - 1994 LET System Orientation

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LET Reviewer and Questionnaire - General Education Exam

LET Reviewer and Questionnaire General Education 2

LET Reviewer and Questionaire - Mathematics Exam

LET Review and Questionaire with Answers

Free LET Reviewer and Questionnaire - Pilipino Test

Free LET Reviewer and Questionaire - Professional Education Test

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