Leche Flan Recipe

Creamy leche flan recipe is what others would like to call it abroad. Others would have it with names as creamy vanilla fudge egg cake.

Living in the Philippines, my mother used to cook this tasty Filipino dish a lot and have a tagalog version of the procedures.

We love it for merienda but since the ingredients were too costly these days, mom tried to make it a little too less often and would opt in to have it made only during fiestas and other special occasions.

At home, we call it simply as the "leche flan", a local delicacy and one of the most favorite lutong Pinoy desserts that is really easy to cook. Just for information, "leche means milk" in Spanish. We treat this sweet Filipino food as somewhat special and easy to cook for kids but in order to make it perfect, you must dedicate ample amount of time and dedication.

Overseas, people call it by a different name (also known as crème caramel and caramel custard) but the taste doesn't vary much. It is still easy to cook for the expert but is regarded as one because of the variety of simple ingredients and variations you make out of the listed substitute ingredient one couldn't help because it is missing in the kitchen list.

You will know later what works for you as soon as I reveal the unique set of popular and unpopular ingredients that you can use as a substitute in learning how to make this special cake recipe taste at its best. This yummy egg cake recipe is not known as to where it originated but let me assure you that it is a favorite wedding and birthday dessert recipe plated on the dining table for such occasions.

In fact, just a couple of days ago, we attended the debut celebration of my niece and we had it as one of the courses offered by the catering service they hired in Stone Crest Laguna club house - function area. Made me remember we used to buy regularly from Goldilocks and my wife and daughter really loves to buy it there with pulvoron compared to that of Red Ribbon, two of the most popular cake maker fastfood chains in the Philippines.

Substitute Ingredients for Making Leche Flan

While this cake uses egg as the most popular main ingredient, what makes it most delicious is the creme. With this, you can use many substitute. Some would use branded Nestle, while some would use Magnolia back in the good old days of making it a classic. My mom uses Carnation condensed milk to add up some creamy goodness (a reason why sometimes Pinoys regard it as one of the most popular Carnation recipes for dessert).

I've heard somewhere in the U.S. cooks use squash or kalabasa to make it a custard cake type of recipe.

We love it at home when mom uses chocolate fudge instead of vanilla most of the time. You see, cooking the leche flan will give unlimited ways and means especially if it is homemade. Don't forget to watch a video of how to cook it below taken from YouTube.Com.

As a variation, I've seen my aunt personally make adjustments to this lutong Pinoy by adding up gelatin, thereby making it a gulaman leche flan recipe that's a bit healthy instead.

You can also use coconut milk instead of your regular evaporated / condensed milk but be really very careful. It might not taste so good if you over use it. Don't forget to read my free guide (small book) on cooking or baking this egg cake.

Easter is a very popular celebration and time of the year when this dish is cooked and laid on the kitchen table. They get consumed and eaten quick as kids do love it.

Another popular substitute to vanilla fudge is the corn syrup but you can also try to use caramel. Diabetic people use the unsweetened (sugar-free) additives but it is less delicious this way. Just serves to stop salivating for those who miss this concentrated sweetened dessert.

Ingredients List and Cooking Procedures


  • 20 pieces raw eggs
  • 2 small can condensed milk
  • 2 cup fresh milk (or evaporated milk)
  • 2 cup granulated sugar  
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract

Cooking Procedure:

  • Crack all 20 eggs and make sure to separate the yolk from the egg white and put in separate containers (use egg yolks only for your baking)
  • Place yolks in a big bowl. Beat and mix them using a fork or egg beater
  • Carefully and slowly add the condensed milk and mix evenly and thoroughly
  • Pour fresh milk and make sure mix well evenly
  • Heat up your aluminum container "llanera" in the stove using very light heat
  • Melt granulated sugar in a small bowl and then pour in llanera. Cook and mix thoroughly until it is caramelized with light brown color (you may use corn syrup as substitute for faster cooking)
  • Spread the caramelized sugar evenly on the aluminum container
  • Wait at least 5 minutes then pour the egg yolk and milk mixture on the aluminum container
  • Cover the top of the container using an aluminum foil
  • Steam the container with egg and milk mixture for 30 to 40 minutes.
  • After the steaming process, cool down the leche flan and then refrigerate
  • You may put sliced and diced gulaman or gelatin on top of your sweet egg cake

Video on How to Make or Cook the Egg Cake

Here's the video that I promised to feature in this very long article describing the complete ideas on how to cook or make the leche flan.


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