Laguna Resorts - List of Private & Public Pool Hot Spring Fees Accommodation and Hotel Room Rates

Resort owner? Have your place listed. Send us a request and invite us to have your nice venue reviewed with photos and video of our family.

To be able to come up with a large list of Laguna resorts, we have to rely on our own family experience and online geekiness once again. The 3 of us, Ana, TJ and me, Sam, had to talk and recall the family's previous escapades during summer and Christmas Holiday seasons.

This paradise in the South of Philippines is our yearly destination when we celebrate our family reunion as in the whole clan who lives in Manila and some from Aklan. We've rented private pool resorts and sometimes public swimming pools and got accommodation and reservation during December on a yearly basis. This will help us get to a head start and shortlist of the best options for the Filipino people when it comes to visiting and getting booking for the best yet cheap resorts in Laguna. For starters, we will be listing those from Pansol and

I remember when I was a kid myself thinking of the times I hear the famous 70's Sampaguita song, "Laguna, ng ito ay marating ko, para bang ako'y nagbago, kakaibang damdamin ang iisipin mo". This is true, this is how I felt getting there... This is our family's quest to provide Pinoys a center for looking and searching for probably the largest listing of Laguna resorts online.

We'll start off with places like Calamba, Pansol and Los Baños. Mind you that there are now nature resorts to visit in Laguna as the Laguna waterfalls are great venues too. We will cover them out in another dedicated page as we've been to some that we want to share with you all.

Laguna Resorts by Classification

In our travel Philippines page, our family have mentioned about the different resorts in the province nearest Metro Manila that we regularly visit. Based from our actual experience, we've come up with only 3 classifications below (private, public and hot springs). We've been to numerous waterfalls too and we don't classify them as nature park instead of just a resort in Laguna.

Our Family's Collection of Laguna Resorts Listings

  • Palmridge Private Resort
    Purok 1, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna
    Contact: (+63) 917-500 1141 or (049) 8332084
  • Splash Mountain Resort Hotel & Oasis
    Km 58 Brgy. Lalakay, Los Baños, Laguna 4030, Philippines
    Office (+63 2) 7501501 /7515378 /8896752 / 889 7140
    Los Baños office (049) 536-6398 to 99
  • City of Springs
    147 N. Villegas Street., Los Baños, Laguna 4030
    Philippines Manila
    Office (+63 2) 7501501 /7515378 /8896752 / 889 7140
    Los Baños office (049) 536-6398 to 99
  • C3Y Villa Private Hot Spring Resort
    Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
    Contact Number: (+63) 922-8164701
  • Villa Escudero Plantation & Resort Inc.
    Villa Escudero, San Pablo City
    (+63 2) 521-0830
  • Villafranca Resort
    Bagong Kalsada, Santa Fe Subdivision
    Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
    Contact Number (+63 2) 817-3723 (+63 917) 6934492
  • Villa Teresa Private Resort
    Pansol, Laguna
    Contact Number (+63 2) 645-0020 / 645-7689 or (+ 63) 917-8926162
  • Batu-Bato Mountain Resort
    Pansol, Calamba City
    (049) 545-1777 / 545-4260
  • Borlaza Hombrebueno Resort
    Pagaypay Valley, Gate II, Liliw, Laguna
    (02) 896-9054
  • Crystal Springs Waterworld, Inc.
    Km. 57, Calamba City
    (02) 896-1318
  • Doña Jovita Garden Resort
    Km. 57, Nat'l. Hi-way, Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City
    (049) 545-3740
  • Hidden Valley Spring Resort
    Calauan, Laguna
    (02) 818-4034
  • Jonel Spring Resort
    Bagong Kalsada, National Hi-way, Calamba City
    (049) 244-4245
  • La Corona De Pagsanjan Resort
    Pinagsanjan, Pagsanjan, Laguna
    (02) 524-2631 / (02) 524-2636
  • La Vista Pansol Resort Complex
    Pansol, Calamba City
    (049) 545-1850
  • Lagos Del Sol Resort
    Lake Caliraya, Cavinti, Laguna
    (02) 305-9001
  • Le Bea Resort, Corp.
    Shangrila Village, Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City
    02) 890-3919
  • Monte Vista Resort Hotel & Restaurant
    Pansol, Calamba City
    (049) 545-1259
  • R & R Resort
    Km. 55, Pansol, Calamba City
    (049) 545-2952
  • Royal Palm Leisure Park
    Brgy. Puypuy, Bay, Laguna
    (02) 533-0693
  • D'Orioles Indoor Pool & Function House
    25 Ph1A 4th St., Pacita 1, San Vicente, San Pedro Laguna
    (02) 847-5377
  • Legaspi Private Pool
    1F. Balagtas St.,Chrys.Vill., San Vicente, San Pedro Laguna
    (02) 808-3241
  • Maharlika Beach Resort Corp.
    Rosewood La Marea Hills, San Antonio, San Pedro Laguna
    (02) 869-7152
  • Agua Caliente Resort
    275 Purok 2, Calamba City
    (049) 545-2001
  • Al-Fa Spring Resort
    Purok 3, Calamba City
    (049) 834-4128
  • Alviar's Lake Resort
    Brgy. Tadlac, Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 244-0084
  • Arisabel Clubhouse
    Economic Garden, Timugan, Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 536-3119
  • Art Maligaya Resort
    2526, Maahas, Los Baños, Laguna
    (049) 536-0340
  • Baden Haus
    Libis, Lalakay, Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 562-0347 / 536-6820
  • Batis ng Makiling
    Brgy.Bukal, Calamba City
    (049) 545-1733
  • Bay Breeze
    L & D Summerville Subd.
    049) 545-5670
  • El Pansolito Resort
    Purok 5, Calamba City
    (049) 545-1935
  • Executive Well Spring Resort
    Purok 5, Calamba City
    (049) 545-5771
  • Golden Star Resort
    Brgy. Masili, Calamba City
    (049) 545-1667
  • Grand Bay Resort
    609 Solemar Del Sol, Calamba City
    (049) 834-1195
  • Green Spring Resort
    Purok 5, Calamba City
    (049) 545-3890
  • Jaycee Resort & Realty Dev't. Corp.
    Purok 5, Calamba City
    049) 545-3205
  • La Bea Resort Corp.
    Shangrila Village, Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City
    (049) 890-3919
  • Monte Vista Resort Hotel & Restaurant
    Pansol, Calamba City
    (049) 545-1259
  • D'Orioles Indoor Pool & Function House
    25 Ph1A 4th St., Pacita 1, San Vicente, San Pedro Laguna
    (02) 847-5377
  • Legaspi Private Pool
    1F. Balagtas St.,Chrys.Vill., San Vicente, San Pedro Laguna
    (02) 808-3241
  • Malakha Swimming Pool
    01 Topaz St., St. Francis subd., Landayan, San Pedro Laguna
    (02) 868-3301
  • Patio Acerado
    123 Baretto St., Purok 1, Calamba City
    (049) 545-3241/834-1076
  • Robles Resort
    Miramonte Village, Purok 6, Calamba City
    (049) 523-4149
  • RockPoint Hotel
    Makiling Village, Calamba City
    (049) 545-1372 & 545-3235
  • Sun City Resort
    Purok 7, Calamba City
    (049) 536-6399 / 545-0243
  • Valleyview Spring Resort & Rest., Inc.
    Brgy. Masili, Calamba City
    (049) 244-5850
  • Villa Florencia
    Purok 1, Calamba City
    (049) 545-1034
  • Villa Mejia
    Purok 3, Calamba City
    (049) 545-2254
  • Villa Milagros Resort
    Purok 5, Calamba City
    (049) 545-3605
  • Wendy's Resort
    Biñan, Pagsanjan, Laguna
    (049) 821-0283
  • Pagsanjan Palm Resort
    Maulawin, Pagsanjan, Laguna
    (049) 821-0084
  • Villa Querol Resort
    Purok 5, Calamba City
    (049) 834-1076
  • Villa Virneo Resort
    540 Purok 3, Calamba City
    (049) 545-1479
  • Spring Forest Resort
    96 Arvin St., Purok 7, Calamba City
    (049) 545-5514
  • Seoul Country Hotspring
    Bagong Kalsada, Calamba Laguna
    (049) 545-1903
  • Hillspa Resort
    Nat'l. Rd., Lalakay, Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 536-5049 / 249-4394
  • Horizon View
    #29 Matapat St., Lalakay, Los Baños Laguna
    536-0494 / 807-6482
  • Lakeview Health Resort
    728 Lopez St., Baybayin, Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 536-0101
  • La Maria
    #20 Matapat St., Lalakay, Los Baños
    (049) 536-0816
  • La Roca Trinidad Resort
    58.8 Km., Lalakay, Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 827-0180
  • Libis ng Nayon
    Nat'l. Hi-way, Lalakay, Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 536-5398
  • Palm Spring ResortPalm Spring Resort
    Lalakay, Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 536-0252
  • Ralph's Hot Spring Resort
    Km.59 Nat'l. Hi-way., Lalakay, Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 536-0066
  • Splash Mountain Resort
    Km 58, Nat'l. Hi-way, Lalakay, Los Baños Laguna
  • Teakwood Resort
    Brgy. Lalakay, Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 536-7619
  • BSP Swimming Pool
    Los Baños Laguna
    Justino Arellano - Mngr.-(049) 536-0081
  • Pook ni Mariang Makiling
    Los Baños Laguna
    Celestino Bandejo - Mngr.-(049) 536-3489
  • Villa Maricar
    Los Baños Laguna
    Tess Doblado - Caretaker
    (049) 249-4689
  • Windy Hill Resort
    Los Baños Laguna
    Corazon P. Durag - Mngr. (049) 827-0291
  • Immaculate Swimming Pool
    Los Baños Laguna
    Rita M. Eala - Owner (049) 537-8502
  • Captiva Spa
    Los Baños Laguna
    Adelaida Elevado - Mngr.- 0920-444-1443
  • Lakewoods Swimming Pool
    Los Baños Laguna
    Nenita Encinas - Owner-(049) 827-2794
  • Villa Teresita
    Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 536 6269
  • Lakeview Resorts & Hotel
    Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 536-0101
  • Gonzalvo Swimming Pool
    Los Baños Laguna
    Archie Gonzalvo - Mngr.-(049) 536-6319
  • Boy Scout Jamboree Camp
    Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 536-4759
  • Villa Cunrada
    Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 536-3188
  • Maligaya Resort
    Los Baños Laguna
    Eric Maligaya - Mngr.-(049) 536-0340
  • 5th of September Mansion
    Los Baños Laguna
    (049) 536-6512
  • Starlake Resort
    Brgy. San Buenaventura, San Pablo City
    Tel: (049) 246-7762; Cel: 0916-577-4486
  • Dioko Resort & Butterfly Farm
    Brgy. San Joaquin, San Pablo City
    Tel: (049) 800-4542 / 247-5691 / 534-1274
  • Cresta Monte
    Brgy. Sto. Angel, San Pablo City
    Cel: 0919-272-5519; Tel: (049) 562-8017
  • Countryside Spring
    Brgy. Sto. Angel, San Pablo City
    Tel: (049) 562-0592
  • Bato Spring
    Brgy. San Cristobal, San Pablo City
    Tel: (049) 562-0976
  • Bukid Garden
    Brgy. Concepcion San Pablo City
    Tel: (049)562-3746
  • Tierra De Oro
    Brgy. San Antonio, San Pablo City
    Tel: (049) 562-3084
  • Sabang Hills
    A.Mabini Extn., San Pablo City
    Tel: (049) 562-7372; Cel: 0917-540-3409
  • Calirana
    Brgy. West Talaongan, Cavinti Laguna
    Tel: (02) 426-4130-4131
  • Porta Verde Resort
    Brgy. Mahipon, Cavinti
    Tel: (02) 807-8414; 1201
  • Caliraya Springs Golf & Country Club
    Brgy. East Talaongan, Cavinti Laguna
    Cel: 0918-941-7689;
  • Caliraya Hilltop Resort
    Brgy. West Talaongan, Cavinti Laguna
    Cel: 0917-536-1166 / 0918-921-5248;
    Tel: (02) 242-5969 / 5979 / 5975 / (02) 242-5985-fax;
  • Kaliraya Surf Kamp
    Brgy. West Talaongan, Cavinti Laguna
    Cel: 0918-562-0002 / 0920-822-1312
  • R.S. Resort
    Nat'l. Hi-way, Longos, Kalayaan Laguna
    Tel: (049) 557-0102
  • Dapi Resort
    Brgy. San Jose, Luisiana Laguna
    Cel: 0916-311-7388
  • Eugelinda Resort
    Brgy. San Luiz, Luisiana Laguna
    Tel: (049) 555-4443
  • Caliraya Re-Creation Center
    Brgy. Lewin, Lumban Laguna
    Cel: 0919-540-0208 / 0920-404-0991 / 0919-547-0637 - fax
  • Lake Caliraya Country Club
    Brgy Lewin, Lumban Laguna
    Tel: (049) 808-0850
  • WinArt Resort
    Brgy. Maytalang I, Lumban Laguna
    Tel: (049) 808-4435
  • Macalagay's Resort
    Lagumbay Rd., Brgy. Segunda Pulo Lumban Laguna
    Tel: (049) 808-4289
  • Malinaw Resort - Lucban Road, Majayjay Laguna
  • Dalitiwan Resort - Lucban Road, Majayjay Laguna

Laguna Resorts Accommodation, Reservation, Dining, Entrance Fee, Amenities, Photos and more

If you would like to see resort photos from our family's escapades, please navigate and go to our Philippines Photos page in the sidebar.

Wedding Venues

Team Building

Birthday Venues

Family Reunion

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Other Occasions


Laguna Waterfalls List

Waterfalls are focus-building blocks for our mind and soul. These places are special. They make us feel closer to nature, serenity, and an idea of absolute seclusion from the maddening crown, dust and noise pollution in the city. Unlike swimming pools, they don't have the dangerous chlorine added in the water and you can feel the all-natural relaxing effect of nature at its best.

Cold free-running waters flow continuously from the waterfall brink or weir which is the source of H2O to the catch basin or the pool pond. If you are somebody looking to alleviate your nature tripping experience, our family highly recommends that you bathe in natural mineral water. Go visit any waterfall nature park from our list below or exchange your summer fun for an overnight stay in any of the listed Laguna resorts above. Whichever, we're pretty sure you'll have a great day ahead of you.

  1. Pagsanjan Falls
  2. Buruwisan Falls
  3. Taytay Falls
  4. Buntot Palos Falls
  5. Bunga or Twin Falls
  6. Lanzones Falls
  7. Talahib Falls
  8. Kilangin or Bukal Falls
  9. Ambon Ambon Falls
  10. Lagulo Falls
  11. Mabuna Falls

Other Interests About Laguna

Other points of interest in Laguna may come in hiking trails for mountainers, pasalubong extravaganza buys along the sidestreet (buko pie of Colette's and El Mare, woodcrafts of Paete, Liliw sandals, sampaloc candy of San Pablo) trivia about the place, food to eat, festivals celebrated in the different municipality and barangay and culture of the people. This has helped countless tourist couples and singles decide to live and retire to this majestic place. Some have bought their own real estate properties and built their houses there to stay for good.

As a final tip, if you are to visit any of our featured resorts above or go waterfall tripping for pristine nature experience, do prepare. To help you do that, you might want to visit our page for sample itinerary schedules, places and cozy unique restaurants to visit and dine, food to eat while in Laguna and many more at our Travel Philippines page.

Metro Bus Stations

Options and guides for travel by bus to any of the Laguna resorts or waterfalls list we have above including the different municipalities and barangays with transportation fees and cost.

Top Things To Do

What's up and good to do while you are on your trip to the best resorts and waterfalls out there. We have top 10 things to do for you but of course, you are free to make your own as part of your itinerary.

Places of Worship

Religion is a necessity. You might be interested about the religious culture of the people of Laguna by visiting churches and religious worship sites especially during lenten season.

Historical Sights and Places

Special unique and historical places and houses abound in the South. Laguna is one of them. Come see these interesting destinations and know how diverse the people's culture is in this part of the Philippines.

Colleges and Universities

The education system of Laguna. Visit or see the colleges and universities that have molded countless great people and students on their first years of maturity.

Famous Landmarks

I'm sure you won't miss traveling to famous places and landmarks that Laguna came to be know of.

Local Authentic Food to Eat

Interesting as the culture in this part of the Philippines, apart from the many lining up Pansol Laguna resorts in Calamba, this province by the South is home to native authentic and one in a million delicacies you can only find in the urban barangays. A good example for this is the famous white cheese of Santa Cruz Laguna. More than just the beauty of this mysterious place, Laguna resorts still come first by both Pinoys and foreigners looking to have summer fun under the heat of the sun during January - May (our flower month).

Apart from majestic waterfalls and Laguna resorts, this paradise province in the South of Philippines offers other fun-filled surprises. We will cover these in our other pages so take your slot and subscribe to us using the sidebar RSS feed now.

Laguna Resorts Map

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