Cremation and Funeral Services Packages in Manila - The Cost of Dying in the Philippines for Loved Ones or Pet

Cremation has become one of the most popular ways to preserve the remains and ashes of our loved ones in spirit and yes even for our favorite pet. From casket to urns (biodegradable / wooden etc), affordable memorial chapel for funeral wake, jewelries and the most expensive option of all - an apartment or mausoleum package at the different cemeteries in Manila are being offered by funeral services.

There are even those you can cheaply afford through installment plan of up to 5 years which makes it one of the most affordable investment and cost of dying in the Philippines with pre-need services and life plan. You can call the marketing department - Thess Naguit - 7818267 (PLDT) / 09266708937 (globe) / 09209725717 or 09282993085 (Smart).

How much crematoriums charge for the cost in different major catering funeral and memorial services companies may differ depending on the package that you will avail. Take note that you may avail cheap options via an agent for which you get the assurance that you will have someone to follow up and take care of your needs from cremation process start to finish - reservation, processing fee, engraving, interment etc.

Special packages and installment payment plan await those who are assertive in finding the right provider using online resources. That is why I decided to write an article to see which ones people are looking for today in the Philippines.

Cremation and Life Plan Providers

  1. Manila Memorial Park
  2. Holy Cross Memorial Park
  3. La Loma Cemetery and Crematorium
  4. Paz Memorial and Funeral Services
  5. Manila North Green Park
  6. Ever Memorial Garden
  7. Loyola Memorial Park
  8. Saint Peter Life Plan
  9. Heritage Memorial Park

La Loma Memorial Cremation and Funeral Extra Services

Avoid falling in the very long line in Manila City Hall for your permits and other process for your expired loved ones. See our list of charges and fees. Avail of our full service for your funeral and cremation needs now!

  • Full Body Cremation- Php 16,000 with urn (with free 1 urn and 1 powdered bone pouch)
  • Senior Citizen Cremating- Php 12,800 with urn (discounted price for senior citizens) (free 1 urn and 1 powdered bone pouch)
  • Fetus Cremation - (1 year old and below) Php 10,500 comes in promo discount price with free urn
  • Purchase of Additional Bone Box - Php 1,500
  • Remains Pick Up - (within Caloocan area - Php 8,000) (outside Caloocan area - Php 10,000 -12,000)
  • Permit - Php 2,500 (within Caloocan area)  / Php 4,000 (outside Caloocan area)
  • Wake Chapel - Php 800 - Php 4,000 per day
  • Full Body Crypt Interment - Php 13,000 on weekend / 16,000 on weekdays and holidays. Promo for senior citizen - interment of full body crypt - Php 10,400 on weekend / Php 12,800 on weekdays and holiday

Bone Cremation Services and Price

Please note that bone transfer, exhumation and permits for transferring from one cemetery to another is not included in the service pricing as indicated above.

  1. 1 Set of Bone Cremation Only - (not full body) Php 10,500 with free 1 urn for powdered remains
  2. 2 Sets of Bone Cremation - Php 12,500 with free 1 urn for powdered remains. Note that you have to buy another urn and pouch if you avail or buy this package but you immediately get a full discounted price of Php 8,500 compared to buying the 1 set package above.

Memorial Service Requirements

  1. death certificate 
  2. transfer permit (if cemetery or the ash is located outside Caloocan City)
  3. cremating permit
  4. fully accomplished authority to cremate form with complete attachments
  5. exhumation permit (for bone cremation)

Special Note On Requirements:

  1. Parent -  photocopy of birth certificate/ marriage contract of deceased
  2. Spouse - photocopy of marriage contract
  3. Child of Legal Age - photocopy of birth certificate/marriage contract of child and an affidavit of conformity stating that he/she has given consent by the rest of his/her siblings to authorize the cremating process on their behalf.
  4. Siblings of legal age - photocopy of birth certificate/marriage contract of sibling and deceased and an affidavit of conformity stating that he/she has been given consent by the rest of their siblings to authorize the burning of remains in the crematorium on their behalf.
  5. It is a must to bring original and photocopy of all the requirements. Requirements must be brought at least 2 days prior to schedule or verification.


  • 1 marble urn and use of fully air-conditioned chapel
  • For the Authority to Cremate, should either be a parent, spouse, child of legal age and sibling of legal age

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Experience #1

Just to give you estimate on how much you are looking forward to pay for funeral cost in the Philippines, I would like to tell the story of a good friend who just had a mother die of ulcer and kidney stone this year 2015. Their family was asked by the funeral parlor of complete package from wake and chapel services to casket and burial plus limo transfer from Manila to San Fernando Pampanga, they were charged Php 40 thousand pesos.

Asking for a discount, they were able to lower down the cost of the full funeral service package including cremation to only 37 thousand. Meaning, the discount given amounts to 3 thousand pesos. Just FYI, the catering memorial service is Veronica Memorial Homes in Pasay City.

Experience #2

A close family friend died of cardiac arrest and since he is an orphan but had a memorial plan already paid for by his late aunt, we only paid for the full memorial services including cremation, chapel wake, transport, ceramic urn and a borrowed casket, it only cost us less than 20 thousand pesos. A discount was also offered by the memorial service agent named Obet M. The casket was just borrowed and not rented as after the process it will no longer serve a purpose. This service was offered through La Loma Columbary.

Why Go For A Funeral Services Agent?

Basically, from an old belief about agents getting commission through additional charges in your bill for their services offered in assisting clients, I say this is obsolete. Agents these days get automatic affiliation commission from providers like Cocolife, Saint Peter, Mother Theresa, La Loma Columbary and more.

Agents these days no longer get commission by deducting or giving additional charges for a funeral service, cremating the remains of your loved ones. They get commission as payment by the Funeral parlor, insurance company (for pre-need account holders) or crematorium services company. Unless upon getting a quote, you see that you get extra charges from your payments for a package, there is absolutely no obligation or extra charge apart from the actual cost of dying and getting the service itself. If you avail of extra services listed above, that is the only time you will have to pay extra to people taking care of your chores for you.

For those who have fears of a higher cost instead of a discount, well, talk it out of you mind. At least get assistance from a professional agent. This way, you may know your other options and how to get less charges instead of thinking of additional cost. Believe me, it's worth it to get assistance especially if you don't know where to start.

Pet Cremation - A Fast Rising Funeral Service in the Philippines

Pinoys love the idea of loving the fullest, their pets and animals that have become part of the family by treatment.

We love to take care of dogs and cats and sometimes, even weird animals like a snake, rabbit, hamster, chicken and so on.

Proof to this is by giving odd sounding and sometimes human names to our pets. But what if your pet dies, wouldn't you want to have them given a decent burial?

Here is where the pet funeral services come in. I heard recently that there is an active service provider for this specific need by pet owners - Rainbow Bridge Pet After Care Services with their newly put up pet columbary. They've been featured in numerous tv show in ABS-CBN, GMA 7, Reuter, Channel 13, TV5, Net 25 and many more especially during the near peak season of Halloween celebration in the Philippines. (full photo credits to Rainbow Bridge)

Where to Get Cheap Pet Burial and Funeral Service

So if there are costly funeral and cremation service for your pets, are there any cheap options or to the least discounts you can avail upon enrolling your passed favorite life companion?

Frankly, there is. You can only get it at PAWS and it only costs "burial fee for cats and average-sized (native) dogs is Php 500. It goes up to Php 1000 for large breeds".

"do not allow tombstones, lapidas or markings to be placed on top of the grave but you may want to consider getting a tile from our memorial wall.

Each tile is P2,000 but the tile stays there for as long as the shelter is standing - a fitting tribute for dearly departed pets.

Burial/Cremation services are offered by Dr. Manny Reyes (09175455945) who has a pet crematorium as well as Vets In Practice (tel. # 5311581, 5337965)."


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