Subic Resorts - List of Hotels, Beach Resorts Rates and Places to Visit

This summer, enjoy Subic resorts. Know cheapest options for an accommodation to hotels, beach resorts, and top or best tourist spots to visit in the city.

See options for Zambales beaches and hotel reservation and accommodation rates for your stay.

Resort owner? Have your place listed. Send us a request and invite us to have your nice venue reviewed with photos and video of our family.

Lenten season is near and summer is here so what are you waiting for? Plunge to some of the best resorts in Subic Bay or nearby Zambales white sand beaches. See your options for resort or hotel accommodation now.

List of Resorts in Subic Zambales

  • Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa
  • Segara Villas and Suites
  • Vista Marina Hotel and Resort
  • Lighthouse Marina Resort
  • Grande Island Resort
  • Camayan Beach Resort
  • Forest View Resort and Villas
  • White Rock Beach & Resort
  • Dreamland Resort and Hotel
  • 2N2 Scuba Resort
  • Club Morocco
  • Grand View Beach Resort
  • Blue Rock Resort
  • Treasure Island Resort
  • Johan's Beach Resort
  • Better Days Place Resort
  • Apo Resort
  • Subic Beach Resort
  • M and N Mountain Resort
  • Le Jardin at Mountain Woods
  • Klams Sunset Beach Resort
  • Sheavens Seafront Beach Resort
  • Punta De Uian Beach Resort And Spa Inc.
  • Subic Waterfront Resort and Hotel
  • Wild Orchid Beach Resort
  • Aplaya del Subic Capati Resort
  • Danao Resort
  • Kokomo's Beach Resort
  • Moonbay Marina Leisure Resort
  • Barts Resort Hotel
  • Anawangin Cove
  • Long Beach Baloy
  • Jadosa Beach Resort
  • Hawaiian Garden Resort
  • Anne Raquel's Resort
  • Capones Vista Beach Resort
  • Ocean View Beach Resort
  • Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel
  • Coral View Beach Resort
  • Canoe Beach Resort
  • Subic Half Moon Beach Resort
  • Rama International Beach Resort
  • Crystal Beach Resort
  • Subic Grand Seas Resort
  • Driftwood Beach Resort
  • Alemrac Beach Resort
  • Fontana Leisure Park
  • Subic Cliff Resort
  • Dolor Country Cottage Beach Resort
  • Villa Alfredos Resort
  • Pearl Island Beach Resort
  • Palladium Beach Resort
  • Feraqui Beach Resort
  • L.A. Sea Side Resort
  • Ghyan's On The Beach
  • The Lagoon Resort
  • Guerrero Private Resort
  • Sierra Beach Resort
  • 101 Beach Resort
  • Nora Beach Resort
  • By the Sea Resort
  • Palm Tree Resort
  • Granny's Palace Resort
  • Tammy's Beach Resort
  • Elmolina Beach Resort Subic
  • Arizona International Resort
  • Dm Residente Inns and Resort
  • All Hands Beach

Subic Resorts Map and How to Get There

The list of resorts hotel and beaches in Subic above should definitely include a guide on how to get there. With this fact, we always suggest to our visitors to use Google Maps.

On the other hand, as an initial guide and waypoint to tourists in the provinces / city, below is a map where you can find the different Subic resorts. Just click on the left side where you can find a specific resort and the red popping balloon will reveal a text note describing which resort can be found in the area.

Just hover along each of the red balloon tags to see the reviews and full address and if you are lucky, you might just find their respective customer service telephone number which you can call to ask your frequently asked question and inquiry about the resort.

As a tip, don't forget to ask for amenities, if food is allowed and other important matters about your outing to a resort in Subic Bay.

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