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PisoNet , perhaps one of the fastest rising business investment ventures in the Philippines today is an effective way to earn with only a small capital needed. It has been widely recognized as a good source of income for small business owners in Manila and nearby provinces of Laguna, Antipolo, Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite and more. I have ventured into this business myself. The same reason why I am encouraging Pinoys to invest in piso net as quick as possible.

The reason is because there could be a tendency to inflate the numbers sooner. We all know how the internet quickly spreads its availability to local residents and sooner or later, the wide range of customers looking for cheaper way to access the internet can diminish in such as fast pace.

PisoNet Wiring Diagram Guide and How to Install Step by Step with Cost of Investment

Most likely, you will never find any guide both online or offline where you will learn how to assemble pisonet on a step by step procedure. But because our family have been in this business for 3 years now, we would like to gladly announce that we are revealing simple basic and easy steps in the programming, wiring and assembly of your piso net. Please note that this is based from our own corporate experience and not from what you can find in Raon or other sellers of this machine.

  1. Prepare Funds - You will need at the minimum of Php 2000 - Php 3000 at the most for the manufacturing of the whole case of the machine. For the computer set, you are going to need at least Php 7000 for a second hand computer while you are going to need at least Php 13000 for a brand new computer set . For the labor of programming, you can save a lot if you know how to do it. If not, you are going to need to hire a programmer for at least Php 1500 per unit(you can save money if you know someone willing to do it for you). This may include wiring labor cost etc. Additional labor will be needed for transportation and finishing touches from painting to installation of paraphernalia like hinges, door locks and hasp locks as well as buttons, timer and everything else. If you can do that, then well.
  2. Buy Case and Accessories - By now, having the funds you will need to buy all accessories and case so you have to make a list that you can review and ask others who already know. You can visit forums and online websites in this case. Then have the case built before getting a computer set. This should include the set of gadgets needed.
  3. Contract a Programmer - This is very critical. Specifications for your computer unit will depend on this as well as the performance of your pisonet for your target customers. Remember that there are units intended only for browsing and Facebook but when games and online gaming come in, a different specification which is much much higher will absolutely be needed. Only a well versed computer programmer can do estimates and give you needed specs for your unit. Be sure to talk out the cost before finalizing a contract to hire.
  4. Buy Computer Set - This only comes fourth after you buy the case and accessories and contracting of your programmer. Make sure to select the right specification for your unit from mother board to memory card to video card (if needed be) to monitor size to your auto shut down unit etc. Be sure to canvass for cheap computer packages to save on cost.
  5. Assembly - At this point you will need someone who knows how to read diagrams. If your programmer knows about it, you might want to ask for an additional work for free. If not, you can hire an electronic technician. Be sure that this technician knows how to install and program internet connection. Also be sure that you can get a pisonet wiring diagram. Let the simple wiring picture above be your guide.

Alternative Pisonet Business Option by PLDT

This is just a sample pisonet timer wiring unit. If you want to buy cheap timer to use for your unit, I suggest that you look for Allan. Try to ask folks in Raon to learn where you can find his store. He also sells coin slots and other accessories at the cheapest price.

  • If you think you can not wait for the whole process to take place before you can invest in pisonet business using the guide above, there are other options. For one, there are made to order basis from makers. There are makers who offer only 50% down payment including warranty, delivery and replacement.
  • Another good option is to opt in for the PLDT Cyberya package. To know more about this pisonet business offer package and its inclusions, you have to visit their official website here . They offer easy staggered payment options. complete package and more unit options with high profit low maintenance. The whole Cyberya package only costs Php 7,300 that comes with a complete broadband and PC packag.

You can watch a nice tip video here .


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