NSO - National Statistics Office (Census) Philippines Online

NSO is the government agency in the Philippines that handles all information dissemination services and data documents on:

  • inflation rate
  • import export data
  • employment and unemployment rate
  • current average family income
  • GNP
  • GDP
  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • death certificate
  • CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage)

For those who still don't know, NSO meaning is National Statistics Office.

You can make inquiry too regarding matters on National Statistics Office online through their site and offline through the branches and serbilis centers and kiosks. To order any document certificate online, you can visit any Teleserve outlet in the offices or visit their website. You can find the official website by clicking on the link above or you can read a comprehensive article in wikipedia here.

A coordination and integration with other related government agency services like the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES), and the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) was made into one, now known as the PHILIPPINE STATISTICS AUTHORITY (PSA)

NSO Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate and CENOMAR Delivery

Online application and certificate delivery system is developed, enhanced and promoted by Census in the Philippines.

The purpose is for hassle-free providing of the requirement at cheap service fees.

This system may be availed and applied for acquisition of birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate and CENOMAR delivery door to door fast service to the Filipino people through the e-Census service. You can apply for this even if you are living or working abroad for whatever purpose it may serve.

To order a document and know the step by step procedure, please visit the nearest Teleserve outlet found in different provincial and Metro Manila NSO helpline branches or read our procedures below.

Application Procedures

  1. Choose a type of certificate you need
  2. Select a purpose for the document from a list - (passport or travel / employment abroad / local employment / school requirement / benefits - loans - claims / US Embassy reverification / Australian Embassy (document will be automatically delivered to the Au Embassy)
  3. If  asked through a drop down menu depending upon your purpose of securing a document, provide country of destination and click submit.
  4. At this point you will be asked if you have previously applied for a copy of the document you want to acquire either onsite in branches or via delivery. You will also be asked if your application resulted in a negative record. If your answer is YES, you will be asked to fill up your personal details and proceed with payment. If your answer is NO, because your application yielded a negative result of your records, please read below

To fix negative record problem, please follow procedures below:

  • You need to check with your local civil registrar if you have an existing record of your birth certificate.
  • If you have a record, then you will ask the local civil registrar to endorse your birth certificate record to National Statistics Office.
  • If you do not have any record with the local civil registrar, you will file for late registration.
  • If you have done this already and have secured an NSO copy, then you can proceed to requesting your NSO certificate.
  • If you have not done any endorsement or late registration yet, you have the option of availing our partner’s consultation services. Please visit http://verified.teleserv.ph.

How Much Cost and Fees to Pay for NSO Document? Allow Credit Card?

If you are applying for a Census document whether online or offline, there is a corresponding fees to pay or cost per copy. Below is our list of how much you expect to pay.

Local Delivery Destination Cost: (source: ecensus.com.ph)

  • PHP 315.00 per copy for copy issuance of birth, marriage and death certificates, and PHP 415.00 per copy for Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR). The additional PHP 15.00 serves as the Documentary Stamp Tax (Sections 173 and 188 of the Tax Code and Revenue Memorandum Order 13-2008) per copy issued.

Delivery for Abroad Destination Cost:

  • USD 20.00 per copy for copy issuance and USD 25.00 per copy for CENOMAR

Credit card payment options are available for both local and abroad destination orders. Refund and cancellation of orders will not be entertained after payment has been made.

What to Do for Negative NSO records and No Copy on Hand Available

Here is a simple guide on what to do if you don't have a document record with Census whether birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate or CENOMAR.

  • Go for late registration service. This is a process that you must undergo if your birth certificate or any NSO document was not recorded with the Local Civil Registry where you were born. Same procedures apply if records were destroyed or cannot be found by virtue of natural calamities like flood, fire, earthquake or for whatever reason.

How Much Will The Document Cost?

This is a very costly process to undergo on your own especially if you are in the verge of doing other more important things and cannot attend to the processing hassles and travel expenses and time.

According to the e-Census website, a late registration service will cost Php 20,450.

Plus the only way to be able to avail this delivery service is if you will pay via check ONLY. The check will be issued and should be payable to Vital Event Records Certified Inc. I visited their website and found out the list where your expensive payment will go as enumerated.

Please note that the whole process will take 3-5 months to finish so if your time of need with the document does not allow that much long time, try to find other services or options but never go for fixers. Legal procedures may be needed (correction of entry / legitimation / adoption / court hearings / supplemental records) to secure a document so be prepared.

You will also have to prepare documentary requirements for late registration service but what will be needed will depend on your unique case. Teleserve free consultation with their professional team during the process which is also listed below.

Payment cost includes the following: (source:teleserv.ph)

  • One-on-one professional consultation
  • Automatic email updates
  • Real-time status tracking
  • Personal pickup and delivery within Metro Manila
  • 2 copies of your birth certificate on NSO security paper
  • You will also be able to secure future copies directly from the NSO without any problem.

In case of correction of entry / legitimation / adoption / court hearings / supplemental records need and you've done and acquired an annotated copy or have an annotation on your document, you may apply directly via online and in Teleserve office in NSO branches.




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