NLE Result June 2012 Exam - Released August 2012 A-Z Surnames

Complete list of passers for the NLE result June 2012 where the actual date of test was extended up to July due to late start as set by PRC board of nursing examination administrators. This exam result was released August 2012 where we have a list below of the passers from letter A-Z examinees. The list of successful new Pinoy RNs listed below will have to do the oath-taking ceremonies which will be scheduled by the Professional Regulation Commission and will be announced on their official website here -

Upcoming latest schedule for the 2013 NLE will also be posted at the website as well as the new or latest application period for nursing exam which will be entertained for both the new or first time takers and repeaters on a pre determined date.

There will be a deadline of filing for application to take the test as follows so make sure to file early and worry later about your review. We a few NLE review centers posted below to tip you off with choosing your center for refresher's course in preparation for the examination. Please do comply with the posted dates.

  • Repeaters: March 29, 2013
  • First timers: April 19, 2013

List of Successful Examinees for the NLE Result June 2012

Free NLE Review Questions Sample - Questionnaire Reviewer for Self Test

After seeing if you passed the exam and being included in the new NLE result June 2012 list of passers, you might want to consider taking a look at own resource list of free NLE reviewer test questionnaire samples. We also found these documents while searching online and posted it here for use of Filipino nurses who want to do self review or refresher's course.

We hope this helps some if not most of you Pinoy nurses out there so you can pass the examination and find the best nursing job there is available for hiring whether for local employment or for abroad.

Free NLE Review Questions / Test Questionnaire Samples

NCLEX Review Questions 1

NCLEX Review Questions 2

Nursing Exam Review Centers in the Philippines

  • ACE Career Nursing Review Center – Baguio City, Quezon City, Manila, Muntinlupa, Lipa City
  • AEC International Review Center – Makati, Manila
  • Allgen Reviewers – Manila, Cebu
  • Assessment Technologies Institute Philippines, Inc. – Pasig, Manila
  • California English Language Center – Manila, Baguio, Cebu
  • Careerworx – Pasig, Manila
  • Carelink Asia Institute – Quezon City, Manila
  • Carl Balita Review Center – Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Naga
  • Center for Excellence in Nursing Education (CENE) – Manila
  • Center for Excellent Review Strategies – Manila
  • Center for International Language Academy – Makati, Manila
  • Center for International Pharmacy Program Inc. – Quezon City, Manila
  • Center for International Program – Quezon City, Manila
  • Comprehensive Medical Review Center – Manila
  • CRM Australian English Review Center – Makati, Manila
  • Cross Bridge Learning Center – Makati, Cebu
  • East West Educational Specialists -Manila
  • Edgeworth Review and Educational Center – Manila, Cebu, Tacloban, Mandaluyong, Quezon City
  • Entralink – Makati, Manila
  • Evoke Learning – Manila, Cebu, Davao, San Fernando
  • Ford Language and Review Center – Makati, Manila
  • Global Nursing Specialist Inc. – Manila
  • Global Workplace Reviews – Manila
  • Institute for Review and Special Studies (INRESS) – Manila
  • Intertrends Resource Corporation – Manila, Cebu
  • JAF Review Center – Manila



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