MAPEH - Available Cheap Art Modules in Manila, Philippines

Meaning of MAPEH

Basically, it means Music Arts PE (physical education) and Health. A compilation of combined subjects taught in schools all over the Philippines previously known to be of separate entities when I was in high school.

Each subject corresponds to a teaching subject and for those who want to enjoy more and know art education in the Philippines, teachers develop artistic skills of students with Arts. One way to do that is to offer small scale projects called MAPEH art modules.

These arts and crafts projects are used to develop the vision and arts knowhow of students whether elementary or high school. Art modules have become a major component for learning more about the subject matter.

Projects, Crafts and Cheap Art Module for Students In Manila

Where to Buy Cheap Modules and Raw Material

Very few teachers of today can find and would search all over Metro Manila to find art modules. That is because most of them know where these project sources come cheap and that is in Divisoria. Although basically, there are so many projects for arts and crafts in this part of market in Metro Manila, very few would offer you compelling special choices for art modules. Raw materials may also be bought there but resources are very limited.

That is why I am posting here a good source for teacher's needs to find a freelance artist who makes customized art modules to the teacher's particular subject matter or theme for the Arts subject. If you want to know or order online, you can see samples of Lori Pacampara's cheap art modules which upon interview, I came to know were only sold in packages that are really affordable for students at Php 70.00 per set.

What the Art Module Set Includes

The module that Lori is selling is what you can see from the picture. It includes basic package of ceramic artwork with 3 bottles of red, yellow and blue color paints and a small paint brush to use to color the ceramic art project. At this package set, it will cost you only Php 70.00 per piece order. Bulk orders according to her costs only Php 65.00 per piece where you can get a discount price of 5 pesos for a minimum order of 40 pieces.

Suggested Use of Modules

Art modules can be used in verities of ways in school and below is a shortlist of where and how to use it best for both teachers and students willing to learn a bit of art and color painting in a workshop environment.

  1. Workshop
  2. School Project
  3. Art Module for MAPEH
  4. Practice for Painting Skills
  5. Practice for Mixing Primary Color Paints



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