Malabanan Siphoning Services - Septic Tank, Plumbing and Declogging Pozo Negro Drainage

Malabanan Siphoning services in the Philippines has become a household layman's term. Whenever somebody or any home or business needs plumbing, declogging, pozo negro drainage cleaning and septic tank siphoning service related needs, particularly in Metro Manila, Malabanan is the right term. Small or big works, this Philippine company has become the most reliable outsource job.

It is every household's hotline number call when the clogged pipes and drainage become worse and unmanageable by just your regular maintenance guys. Whenever extra equipment is needed for the different jobs stated above, Malabanan siphoning has it. They even have the right people to do the job. Specialists who have work experience for maybe even more than 20 years of service.

Different Malabanan Siphoning Service Providers Price and Contact Numbers

Today, after going online and trying to search for the different service providers with the name Malabanan, I was surprised. I found at least 14 different names with same carrier company and different hotline contact numbers. This made it even more complicated to provide information about their service and the difference between each of them.

Except for the obvious possible reason that these could be one company split into clusters of same name of provider for siphoning, piping and declogging services which is Malabanan, the biggest name ride in the industry, I can only conclude that each have a geographical territory of service but most of them, I found originated in Caloocan area. Some were servicing Makati business district which is an obvious target market. In aid of helping people find the right provider for a specific service, I am listing here the different business names of Malabanan below.

  1. Malabanan Siphoning Services
  2. Malabanan Siphoning
  3. Ramel Malabanan
  4. Malabanan HQ
  5. JJ Malabanan
  6. JAT Malabanan Plumbing
  7. Jeorge Malabanan Services
  8. Malabanan LB
  9. Malabanan Plumbing Services AYO
  10. ER Malabanan
  11. 4 JC Malabanan
  12. JAA Malabanan
  13. R.O.G. Malabanan
  14. JACA Plumbing (independent business player)

Metro Manila Covered Areas of Service:

  • Las Pinas City
  • Mandaluyong City
  • Muntinlupa City
  • Pasay City
  • Pateros City
  • Quezon City
  • Taguig City
  • Makati City
  • Marikina City
  • Navotas City
  • Pasig City
  • Paranaque City
  • San Juan
  • Valenzuela City

Provincial Areas Covered:

  • Batangas
  • Nueva Ecija
  • Bulacan
  • Tarlac
  • Laguna
  • Pangasinan
  • Cavite
  • La Union

Complete List of 24 Hour Services Offered

Each may have similarity but only to a point that they all serve the same industry and are in the same industry as well. However, please be guided accordingly that they may each differ in the type and quality of service rendered to customers. I have never tried any of these providers but I do believe that if you are looking to call their hotline telephone numbers and would like to avail of any related service, chances are, you'll end up confused finding most of these business owners either advertising in Google or ranking all in one at the first page.

Either which reason you may have to calling them for service, below is our own version of the complete list of services offered by the different Malabanan companies as stated above.

Furthermore, there are only 4 areas covered when it comes to talking about Malabanan services. These can only be either be general service, siphoning, declogging or construction and repair. We have lined up all of them in one so it's up to you to see which service you need.

  • General cleaning of septic tanks / waste water treatment plants / waste yards / STP / grease traps, etc.
  • Declogging of sewerage pipe lines
  • General and small work plumbing services
  • Siphoning of sludge or human waste from pozo negro (septic tank)
  • De-clogging and general cleaning up of main sanitary pipelines
  • Cleaning and manual removal of solid sludge
  • Removal through solidification of grease oil waste garbage material
  • and other residues inside septic tank
  • Installation, repair and construction of different water cement
  • pipelines / outlet and inlet pipelines
  • Locating and searching for opening entrance and outlet discharge of septic tank
  • Construction, maintenance and repair of any septic tank system
  • Manual cleaning of waste water treatment plant
  • Plumbing service, repair and cleaning of clogged drainage system
  • Siphoning of septic tank (per truck load charge basis)
  • Installation / construction of new septic vault
  • Cleaning of cistern tank or water tank
  • Preventive maintenance for fast food chains, canteen, etc
  • Repipping of damage pipelines

Malabanan Vs Small Service Providers and Individual Providers

Ok, so there are basically 3 different service providers when we talk about siphoning services in the Philippines, particularly in Manila. Below is a review and comparison of these providers.

  1. Small Service Providers - Cheap but low quality service with less of the right equipments. Only ideal to contract for small piping and declogging jobs
  2. Individual Providers - Cheaper than small service providers and easy to outsource. Be sure to be specific with a job contract to avoid the inconvenience of backjob service and state in your contract a money back guarantee or free back job service guarantee.
  3. Malabanan Services - Ideal for big contracting services for siphoning and piping jobs. Be sure to ask for a quote before contracting any type of big job. May charge you with a rocket science fee of per hour basis or per day basis which to me is absurd for such a service.


We are not an affiliate of any of the featured and non-featured Malabanan Siphoning service provider or any individual or small contractors in the field.


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