Ilocos Resorts - Beaches and Hotels in Sur & Norte

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Find the perfect Ilocos resorts, beaches and hotels for choices of the cheapest and affordable rates, entrance fees and accommodation information. Ilocos Sur and Norte directory.

List of Ilocos Resorts and Beach Hotels (Ilocos Sur & Ilocos Norte)

Beach resorts, hotels, villas, lodging inn, cheap accommodation options for your overnight stay in Ilocos resorts, you surely have a lot. Visit our list below for more information. We promise to update them all as soon as more information is available.

  1. Saud Beach Resort and Hotel
  2. Kingfisher Sand and Sea Surf Resort
  3. Playa Tropical Hotel Ilocos
  4. Fort Ilocandia Resort & Casino
  5. Pangil Beach Resort
  6. Pannzian Beach and Mountain Resort
  7. Gertes Resort Hotel and Restaurant
  8. Britanya Lodge
  9. Grand Octagon Resort
  10. Palm Grove Saud Holiday Complex
  11. Northridge Beach Resort
  12. Arinaya White Beach Resort
  13. Evangeline Beach Resort
  14. Pagudpud Rinnovati
  15. Jun and Carol Beach Cottages
  16. Keahana Beach Resort
  17. TERRA RIKA Beach & Dive Resort
  18. Polaris Beach House
  19. Agua Seda Beach Resort
  20. Villa Del Mar Ivory Beach Resort
  21. Punta Azul Beach Resort
  22. JAVA Hotel
  23. Hannah’s Beach Resort and Convention Center
  24. Everland Resort Multizipline
  25. Rio Grande de laoag Resort Hotel and Nature Park
  26. Kapuluan Vista Resort Hotel and Restaurant
  27. D' Coral Beach Resort
  28. Cabugao Beach Resort
  29. Apo Idon Beach Hotel
  30. Dirique Blue Sea Resort
  31. Heritage Resort Of Caoayan
  32. Ilocos Norte Hotel & Convention Center
  33. Sitio Remedios Heritage Village
  34. Seaside Park
  35. Paraiso ni Don Juan
  36. Orchard Resort Hotel And Restaurant
  37. The Palacio de Laoag Hotel
  38. Narvacan Tourism Lodge
  39. Villa Helen Resort
  40. Villa del Nico
  41. Subli Subli Beach
  42. Long Beach Resort Hotel
  1. Green Nipa Beach Resort
  2. Punta Garvida Beach Resort
  3. Kadilian Beach Resort
  4. Madrid Beach Resort
  5. Baluarte Resort and Mini Zoo
  6. Romaville Beach Resort
  7. Sabrina Beach Resort
  8. Casa Teresita Beach Resort
  9. Santiago Cove Beach Resort
  10. Dialao Resort
  11. John Ronald Beach Resort
  12. Pagsanaan Beach Resort
  13. Villa Lita River Resort
  14. Old Fisherman's Resort Hotel
  15. Go Lucky Beach Resort & Hotel
  16. Dayvee Resort and Hotel
  17. Don Cornel Beach Resort
  18. Ponce Del Mar Beach Resort
  19. Sunrise Beach Resort
  20. Marina Resort
  21. Alad Bar And Resort
  22. Everland Resort and Multi-Zipline
  23. Villa Florentina Beach Resort
  24. Magic 5 Beach Resort
  25. Villa Gloria Beach Resort
  26. Ursa Major Beach Resort
  27. Vical Beach Resort
  28. Villa Carlina Beach Resort
  29. Candon Beach Resort
  30. San Joaquin River Resort
  31. Villa Fernando Resort
  32. Terraza de Niño Resort
  33. Tagudan Kubo Resort
  34. Monte Leah Beach Resort
  35. Jaja Resort
  36. Camp Hope Beach Resort
  37. Jardin de Remedios Resort
  38. Gabut Beach Resort
  39. Ramirez Beach Resort
  40. Tapao Mountain Resort
  41. Sinait Beach Resort
  42. Bismonte Resort

List of Ilocos Waterfalls

Ilocos is also home to some of the most beautiful running natural waterfalls aside from the coastline of Ilocos resorts beaches. Proof to this is the visits that these falls get out of people who love nature, hiking, trekking and bathing in mineral super cool natural springs of these falls. The lush forests is extremely breath-taking if you are a lampayatot Manilenyo who got used to tall buildings. So embark on your journey and let us give you a guide.

We will be listing the different water falls found in Ilocos region and the whole of Ilocandia below, so enjoy! If you want to come over and visit one, please refer to Google Maps for a direction and waypoint on how to get there but be prepared to go on a journey that will take you on long hours of trekking to the middle of the virgin forest and mountains of Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur.

Waterfalls Found in Ilocos Forest Reserves

  • Tanap-Avis Falls
  • Ka-Angrian Falls
  • Kabigan Falls
  • Anuplig Falls
  • Maligligay Falls
  • Pinsal Falls
  • Caniaw Falls
  • Gambang Falls
  • Awasen Falls
  • Barasibis Falls
  • Bagulis Waterfalls
  • Kennon Waterfalls
  • Bomod-Ok Falls
  • Aw-Asen Falls

Ilocos Resorts Map and How to Get There

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