10 Reason in Hiring CCTV Installers in Manila Philippines

Hire CCTV installers not because they are the cheapest service providers in Manila but because they employ a unique concept to make everything they offer become available at an affordable yet cost-effective price. They should be able to give you 100% guarantee on optimum service at cheap rates that are practical to consider. Installation service providers should also possess certain factors as enumerated below to help you decide.

1. Full time freelancers – Being full time freelancers you may contact your CCTV camera installers and they can be readily available anytime during office hours. Freelancers also do not have overhead cost as most of them are the owners as well as the service providers and the manpower. This will give you, the customer, the edge on cheap or lowest price in overhead cost. Since they usually don't pay bills to employ people to do the installation for them, less cost in manpower will end up to charging you less.

2. Look for Years of Warranty of “ALL” Parts and Gadgets Used – You should make sure that your installer provides hassle-free cctv and security camera gadgets and equipments that are tied up to suppliers giving you 100% assurance of a guaranteed longer warranty of all supplies from the security camera to the hard disk data server and recorder of your video and images as well as for everything they use in installing your wireless security system.

3. Opt in for Installation Only Service – Don't forget to ask where you buy your gadgets and materials if they offer free installation alongside with their package offer. This will assure you to be able to cut down the price of your cost for installation and instantly avail of the package cctv and installation service included. This is so that you may be able to arrive at a cheaper cost. This is targeted for those who prefer other brands and types of security cameras than what you can find in conventional stores. This helps in cutting down the cost for some businesses minded people. Please note that apart from installation, you have to consider buying from stores where they also offer repair service in your area.

4. Custom Tools – Your providers and CCTV installers must have this. Some areas just need a bit of change in structure to be able to come up with the perfect “art of war” type of element of surprise positioning of your hidden cameras. Because some areas do require carpentry tools and special tools, your provider should be able to guarantee you that we will install your units where they are least possible to be discovered installed but with maximum effort to reveal the best angles for an edge sharp recording of images and figures. We strongly suggest that you opt in for our best quality cameras to add up to clear cut recording.

5. Camera Positioning – This has been revealed over and over again in the local news in Manila theft and robbery cases as well as in holdup incidents all over the Philippines. We've seen it in TV Patrol. If you insist on doing it yourself, you may not know you are already wasting money trying to position your camera in the wrong angle or direction. Or worse, you might just be endangering the lives of the people and property involved instead of maximizing security measures by having installed security cameras in your home, community, office and even in you own small business shops by qualified cctv installers.

6. Carpentry Skills Involved – It is obvious that with the need to install anything above an existing structure over a building, an office, a house, a community street, a garage, your back door or just about anywhere you want a camera installed, chances are, you are going to need carpentry skills in this case. It is primary need and essential for perfect position of your closed circuit tv surveillance camera. Your CCTV installers should possess above average carpentry level of skills and materials knowhow.

Considering that materials to use are critical in hiding your security system installation, we take pride in knowing which best fits whatever structure you have. If you insist on your choice, they must be able to offer their suggestions for consideration but must always consider the customer’s option all the time.

7. 24/7 Availability – Service lines and hotline numbers must be open all the time 24/7. Providers or your CCTV installers must have contact numbers that you can bug anytime during emergencies. This is for customer satisfaction-guaranteed service who opt in for monthly or yearly maintenance related services. If you did not opt in for one, you must still served with due diligence during emergencies but you will have to be charged accordingly in exchange.

8. Custom Data Safety Box – Some thieves and robbers just knows the art of their craft. They know how to disable cameras and worse, they know what they need to avoid getting caught. Would you rather risk exposing your data server where your video, images and figures are saved? If you don’t which I have no doubt, then you must opt in for a construction of a special safety box for your data server or recording machine or PC from your CCTV installers. Ask for this if they are willing and able to make your data all secure for the next day, any day 24/7 where only you have the access or the key to your data should there be any mishaps to happen and you need your precious recording.

Because we know how important your data is to you, we’ve made something exclusively for the careful you. We make special custom safety boxes perfectly fit for your specific size and type of box whether it is a stand alone recorder, a computer (PC) server or a combination of both. Again, cheap does not necessarily mean by price but by type of service. We are not just unique and one and original in our concept but we also make our job, a career to live for. If security is your concern, we are definitely a first choice for you.

9. IP Configuration for Remote Viewing Anytime Anywhere – Ever heard of security camera remote viewing? Well, if you haven’t, your CCTV installers must know how to configure it out for you for free if you opt in for the package installation plus complete camera paraphernalia. This way, you may be able to view what’s happening in your office, home or business shops 24/7 wherever you are in the world for as long as you have internet access using either your cellphone or other computers. How we make security systems that is considered as 100% secure and working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

10. Any Establishment – Service and our gadgets and security system via cctv installers installation services must be available to be installed in any establishment. Whether you have a restaurant, office building, parking area/lot, office space, warehouse, residential area, city and community streets, your home, in the barangay hall and more.




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